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The Course of Life Part 2

You can find part 1 here:   The Course of Life: Part 1 THE ABYSS We ventured deeper into the abyss. An uneasiness fell over us and a sickening feeling crept into the pit of our stomaches. By now the sun had completely left as we found ourselves in pitch black darkness. We had to stop driving. Sitting in silence, gripped in absolute fear we waited for a "helper" or some beam of light to help us escape this depressing place. But nothing. No one. We couldn't even see each other with both of us too terrified to speak. That sense of despairing loneliness without truly being "alone" filled me. The car began to shake as wailing and banging surrounded us. We huddled to the furthest innards of the car's body, huddled on its floor. We were under attack!  As quickly as our unknown foes had ambushed us, the familiar crackle of hot yellow orange flames climbed up to the windows. We were being set on fire!! At this realization, I knew we were going to die, but a glimm
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"The Course Of Life" Part I

Montana Mountain Roads, CA to VA Cross Country Military PCS Move 2020 Dreams stand out to me so impeccably vivid. This particular dream had me waking up thinking I had actually been there and wanting to go back to sleep and see more. One of those dreams you could even see as a movie. It had a sort of Pilgrim's Progress feel to it with its own twist. THE CROWD I stood in a crowd so large that we all looked like ants in a colony. People of all colors and cultures hemmed me in from all sides. An announcement over a speaker system projected loud enough for all to hear. "Welcome to our "Course of Life! You all will be handed a map of the course by a messenger. The only rules are, that the straight road is the one that is the best choice of each road you will encounter. If you stay on it you will reach the end.   This is not the easiest of tasks however because there will be many distractions along the way. Grand places that will be tempting to stop at or turn into. If