The Course of Life Part 2

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Fire on black background

You can find part 1 here: The Course of Life: Part 1


We ventured deeper into the abyss. An uneasiness fell over us and a sickening feeling crept into the pit of our stomaches. By now the sun had completely left as we found ourselves in pitch black darkness. We had to stop driving.

Sitting in silence, gripped in absolute fear we waited for a "helper" or some beam of light to help us escape this depressing place. But nothing. No one. We couldn't even see each other with both of us too terrified to speak. That sense of despairing loneliness without truly being "alone" filled me. The car began to shake as wailing and banging surrounded us. We huddled to the furthest innards of the car's body, huddled on its floor. We were under attack! 

As quickly as our unknown foes had ambushed us, the familiar crackle of hot yellow orange flames climbed up to the windows. We were being set on fire!! At this realization, I knew we were going to die, but a glimmer of hope arose within me and I managed, through my tears of fear and anxiety, through the dryness of my lips, through the very little breath I had in me to simply whisper, "Jesus, help us."

In an instant, a flash of light streamed through the windows. The banging stopped and the wailing and screaming faded into nothing. We popped our heads up to see what had just happened and there before us was the narrow road yet again. A warm and inviting sun rising in the distance ahead. I immediately jumped in the passenger side and her in the driver's as we drove away from that dreadful place. My mind swelled with the events that had just occurred. A miracle.


Invigorated with a renewed knowledge of the hope and protection we were given we drove on to another intersection where a helper approached us.
"From here on out there will be clues to what you will find at the end which is very near. Continue on this path and you will see the signs."
We drove on through, clinging to this path that seemed to squeeze us in from either side. Sometimes we had to climb mountainous terrain and trust the road that would have no barriers to keep us grounded. Something terrifying for me with my fear of heights. Any time we could have lost our balance and control of the car, bouldering down the side of the mountain to our sudden deaths. Yet, when we trusted this road and its designer, we never faltered in our direction or control of the vehicle. 

I don't know how much time passed before we reached the intersection with our first sign, but the white arrow sign no longer was blank. A realistic rainbow that seemed to have come straight from the sky marked our road.
"A rainbow?" my partner asked quizzically.
I shrugged, but then remembered something about rainbows. Rainbows aren't just a cute band of colors preschoolers use in an art project or something lovely to look forward to after a storm that is soon forgotten about as quickly as it was spotted. Though these things are true about them, the most important thing is rainbows are a symbol God created and chose. God placed the first one in the sky as a promise, a covenant between Him and man.

Something about this sign invoked curiosity in the both of us. We followed the "rainbow" signs, passing more distractions along the way that were increasing in frequency and building in their appeal, till we reached a grayish cement parking garage. Something plain and ordinary. Not at all what I expected as a finish line.
"You are just about to the end. Congratulations. Please park your car in a place of your choosing in this parking garage." One of the messengers from the beginning of the course instructed. "Then follow me."
Dark clouds began to form from behind and above the car garage where we returned our cars. We obliged and followed the messenger through the parking garage to the back of it where again, plain and simple met us. A mixture of dirt, gravel, and very little sprouts of grass made up the ground. Honestly what came to mind is an alley in an old city, but one wide enough for so many people to be held. Nothing spectacular. I scanned the place for rainbows. Any sign of a rainbows. Just a very small group of people and RAIN. 

A heavy rain prolonged the checking in. The rain continued to pour till the last person came in. 

Two messengers stood at one end of the "alley" as people came into the area. I noticed that some were told to go right and some told to go left. We had been lead to a group on the right. At least two long hours passed as everyone participating was "sorted". I began to recognize some faces I'd seen while searching for a partner. Then the announcer who we could not see came through a speaker system that we couldn't locate.
"Welcome to the end of your journey! We have been waiting for you. Those on the right please step forward."
We all did as we were told. I was still quite surprised at our small numbers, maybe a quarter of the original group.
"We have been watching this entire course. Your decisions, your choices. You have been tracked where you have gone and what roads you have taken. We have watched your attitudes, your behaviors, the way you have conducted yourselves. We have listened to your conversations inside your cars and in the places you went. Some will not be rewarded."
My partner and I grimaced as the horrific memory of our time in the darkness surfaced. Would this disqualify us? He went on.
"Those on the right be comforted and believe. You have made it through this journey to the end and are going to be rewarded greatly. The promise will not be broken. Step forward." Relief and joy flooded.
As we stepped forward the sun peeked over the dark garage, its light so strong we had to shield our eyes as it arose to its fullness. Before us a radiant and dazzling series of rainbow arches appeared. It stretched out tunnel like and spanned the size of two people at a time in width. I'd estimate about 8 feet tall. Still quite narrow, but of an intense beauty I can hardly describe. 
"Before you enter, I must address the second group. We are displeased. You did not follow the guidelines or show concern or care about the simple rule of following the straight road. You journeyed in your own will and rebelled against the whole course. You ignored the helpers. Ignored the signs. You may not enter."
With this he called "them" to come as many faceless somethings dressed in all black took them away, protesting, fighting, and screaming. I wondered if they were who we had run into when we were trapped. We began to cry at the horrible sight... .but the messenger standing at the entrance to the tunnel, with a smile that killed the sadness, gently urged us to go through. We followed his prompting and about halfway through a tunnel where I couldn't see the end, I woke up. 

Since this dream was years ago, I had heard some feedback from a friend about the rainbow tunnel and wanted to share it as it applies so well.
"And He who sat there was like a jasper and a sardius stone in appearance; and there was a rainbow around the throne, in appearance like an emerald." - Rev. 4:3 

"Like the appearance of a rainbow in a cloud on a rainy day, so was the appearance of the brightness all around it. This was the appearance of the likeness of the glory of the LORD."-Ezekiel 1:28

This significance of entering into the full presence of God through the rainbows according to Ezekiel matches up beautifully. 

This was an incredible vivid dream that I hope was an encouragement for some of you and maybe a thought provoking wake up call to others reading this about what's to come. I'm sure there are more details that were lost in the passing of time and even in the dream itself, but I have written what I do remember and am satisfied with the significant details that are recorded as they do carry a message. I thank God for this dream that he clearly allowed me to have and share. So many Bible verses come to mind, but I'm curious which ones are brought to yours. :)



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  1. That was an incredible dream Bekah! And also an incredible confirmation from God. Very few people make it to heaven, and even fewer get direct confirmation by God in a tangible sense. Consider yourself very blessed.

    Verses that come to mind: the first one that I stated before was Isaiah 30:21, then of course Matthew 7:13-14, and Hebrews 12:1-2 to name a
    few. I'm sure there are many others.

    Interesting thing about the tunnel-I have heard that from a number of people who have gone to heaven and come back after entering...


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