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I Said #YestoGod

This has been the hardest study I've ever gone through. All through it more events have occurred and more challenges than the last several months. The biggest one is my current relationship and the challenges we've had. For those of you who know from a previous mention, I am courting a man who is in the military. He is also long distance and I am a very friendly type of person. Loyal. I cherish any friendship I've had. I struggle with separation and loss even if the loss is helpful to me, to the point of feeling overwhelmed. The calling God has on his life is making me have to face so much loss. Including two friendships that were not healthy.In addition, I hate death. Especially with these threats of Syria going on. Last night my mind filled with overwhelming thoughts of being ill equipped, helplessness, weakness, and lack in confidence that I just couldn't do this. I fought him hard as more and more fears crept up till I had to make a choice. Last night was the pivot

#FreshVision-Refocusing My Focus

I so look forward to Blog Hop Thursdays. Perhaps because I enjoy writing even if it's not the best. :P Every week I am one week behind in a chapter. Life has been shaking out that way.  At first I was so upset about it and tempted to beat myself up for my lack of personal organization in keeping up with such a simple online study, but each time I went for my book to try and catch up, I have felt held back.  At first I thought it was Satan trying to discourage me, but when the next week would come, I'd have the confidence and courage to pick up the book again and read my one week behind chapter. Funny how we can have a weekly plan rolled out, something that is meant to be corporately done, on the same page and yet God has something else in mind entirely. As a heads up, this blog post is going to be a little scattered since I am covering two subjects so hopefully it's not too confusing to follow. :) Last week I mentioned being in chapter 5 while most were then on 6. Well