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A Prayer Breakthrough

It has been a rough week emotionally. I have felt defeated, frustrated, anxious, panicky. Emotions that come and go every now and then. Lots is going on this month and I can hardly believe saying it, BUT I'M GETTING MARRIED!  Never thought this day would come. Really I didn't. I don't know if it was my lack of faith or just thinking that nobody really would want me. God changed that for me and brought a man to my life that I needed. Someone who balances me out, challenges me, and keeps me on my toes. Spiritually challenges me in more ways than one. Makes me think. I also have been proving to be a good match for him too. Even my flaws.  With marriage comes work in the preparation of it. SO much to do and think about. SO MUCH to plan for. Till you're engaged, you think getting married is all a dreamy fairytale till you realize how much work is involved in organizing, planning, creating, etc for months all for ONE DAY. Wow... More importantly than that though you must als