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West Virginia Detour Part 2

Thank you to everyone who read part 1 and have been begging me for part 2! I have been feeling the itchiness to write all day now that I got this thing started again. So let's see where were we?... The awesomely cool vintage car and Elvis themed auto shop, "Legend" in Bruceton Mills, WV. Owned and run by Mr. Wolverine, wanna be Elvis :P LEGEND! That's right!  With the U-haul truck, we pulled into the Legend auto shop and went inside. The owner and mechanic we will call Mr. Wolverine. I don't have a picture of him unfortunately since we didn't want to be creepy... This guy though he looked like Wolverine, had a thing for Elvis and tried to get an Elvis vibe going with his sideburns. One he proudly talked about without hesitation.  We learned that Jason's poor truck was toast! It had blown a literal gasket! That is an expression for those of you who don't know. It means to become very angry very quickly! Our truck must have been angry at us
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Married Life Begins & An Unexpected West Virginia Detour! Part 1

One of the things I love about marriage is that every marriage has its own story from the very beginning. You never know what is going to happen. It's unknown, it can be scary, but as a Christ serving couple with God as center, you can't ever predict what the next minutes, hours, or days will be like.  This is where our marriage story begins. Years later I am reflecting back on all the blog posts I had written in real time of what was happening. It's much like a journal of our life. So sit back, subscribe at the end of this post to not miss one, and enjoy reading about our journeys. <3 MARRIAGE BEGINS WITH THE UNEXPECTED! The process of getting married is the best thing ever for those who get to experience this part of life! Our vintage music themed wedding was absolutely beautiful and so much like a dream! Jason and I still love talking about it. We are so grateful for everyone who helped make it so special and participated. I will make a separate post full of beautiful