Married Life Begins & An Unexpected West Virginia Detour! Part 1

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One of the things I love about marriage is that every marriage has its own story from the very beginning. You never know what is going to happen. It's unknown, it can be scary, but as a Christ serving couple with God as center, you can't ever predict what the next minutes, hours, or days will be like. 

This is where our marriage story begins. Years later I am reflecting back on all the blog posts I had written in real time of what was happening. It's much like a journal of our life. So sit back, subscribe at the end of this post to not miss one, and enjoy reading about our journeys. <3


The process of getting married is the best thing ever for those who get to experience this part of life! Our vintage music themed wedding was absolutely beautiful and so much like a dream! Jason and I still love talking about it. We are so grateful for everyone who helped make it so special and participated. I will make a separate post full of beautiful wedding photos from that special day and link here.

Soooo what happened after our gorgeous wedding? 
After an emotional tear fest saying goodbye to friends and family, realizing we were moving so far away?


We were driven off in the rental vehicle Jason had rented to the Marriott hotel we had booked for our guests and for us. 

We settled in and realized how HUNGRY we were! Me especially! I hadn't gotten a chance to eat very much at the wedding. 

We both considered floating around the tables to greet and visit with our 250 something guests more important than spending that time eating. 
Once all the pre-wedding stress had dissipated, all I could think of was food! 

We didn't have any with us and had to grab some chips from a snack machine, but fortunately we were rescued by one of Jason's groomsmen who brought us some leftover snacks from the wedding. There was sooo much leftover food thanks to my Uncle surprising us with his catering company's food! Apparently it hadn't made it to us haha! 

We spent the night resting as we had started our wedding day at 5am. Sunday we met up at Cracker Barrel for dinner with one of the groomsman and his fiance' who was my day of coordinator last minute and did fantastic with our wedding! (These friends have been years later one of our greatest supports in our marriage and life. Such a special note I wanted to say!)

Selfie at the Marriott Hotel!


Monday morning we left the hotel, picked up our U-haul trailer, hitched it up to the good ole' Jason truck, and packed everything of mine inside. We had a really nice breakfast prepared for us by Jackie my spiritual Mom and friend I was roommates with for 3-5 years? (Thanks Jackie!).  

I said my goodbyes to the daycare children (I was a 2-3 yr old preschool teacher there) and to friends that were around. We drove back to the hotel to pick up my wedding dress I had left in the closet (Oops!), and started on the road.

Everything was going lovely. We drove through a couple states and were making good time. We reached four hours and a half in, a little over half way there and the excitement and anticipation were building as we were nearing our home and ready to reach our new apartment that night. 

But THEN....We stopped at a gas station right before entering the West Virginia line. Filled Jason's truck up to the brim. Things were going well till we noticed after driving through for about 20 minutes or so a bubbling sound coming from the engine. 

We pulled over in the next gas station off the highway. Thankfully it was a service station. We examined the engine and noticed the coolant was boiling like hot water on a stove! A rush of liquid came spewing out underneath the engine, leaving us...STRANDED. We prayed then and there for God to send us someone to come rescue us and show us what to do. 

We had some leftover Subway with us so we went into the service station to finish eating our dinner and find some help. Tow trucks in that tiny hickville town were not proving helpful and so we were left just me and him, DOING LIFE for REALZ. Surprisingly, I was quite calm and enjoying the bit of adventure.


After calling three tow truck companies with no result, a white truck pulling in got my attention. A man came in (strangely not having anything to do with that truck) and walked over to the fridge to get a drink, but he made direct eye contact with me. The clerk came to our table to collect the phone we were borrowing since phone service was rather slim there. 

He overheard our conversation and asked us in his West Virginian southern drawl if it was our truck that was leaking out there.  He then proceeded to tell us that he had a truck that could haul our u-haul over to a brand new three weeks old car repair shop very near there. So I packed up some overnight bags for us and changed clothes in the back of the U-haul trailer since it was getting colder as it was getting darker. 

When the man got back with his truck, he had his wife and his son with him who was quite the little gentleman! We poured water in the coolant tank and followed him as he hauled our trailer over to the repair shop.

Selfie at the Maple Leaf before we left.

A man came out looking like Wolverine from X men. Can't describe him any differently than that! He informed us that he wouldn't be able to look at our truck till the morning. The couple that rescued us told us about a nearby motel called the Maple Leaf, that they stayed at recently. We decided to take a chance on it since it was the cheaper of the only other option in that tiny town of Bruceton Mills, WV. They so graciously and kindly drove us over and gave us their number for any further transportation needs till we could get everything worked out. 

What a blessing! We pulled in and went inside. We didn't see anyone right away, but the tv was on with a preacher who was talking about Joshua facing battles and hardships, but how God gave him victory and courage through the hard times and how He does that for us too! Also how everything Joshua went through was God's plan and design for a bigger purpose that he couldn't see. This really gave us peace and assurance that God was with us in this unexpected detour. An older woman finally came out and put us up in one of the last rooms she had. We even got a military discount and found out her foster daughter was a Marine like my husband!


When we went inside, it was the cutest and most unique motel room I have ever seen! So original cottage like, and even had a microwave, fridge, a larger sink, a wood chest, and was so clean and inviting. I loved it so much! Despite having to wait on the fate of the truck, it was a very nice place to get to extend our "honeymoon" of sorts for a night and get some much needed rest after everything. 

The next day we called U-haul companies and used the motel's free wifi to research some options of what we could do as we awaited the news. (We had to go a half an hour the other direction and be dropped off at the U-haul there to get a uhaul truck.)

Then it was time to leave. I only wish I could have stayed a little longer and had some transportation to explore because this little town was so cute and idyllic. It had little street front shops, an old icecream shop, and antique shop. The cutest little piece of history in the middle of practically nowhere. Maybe one day we will go back and get to check out those places. 

The last thing I will say before I close this post to continue part 2. As we waited for the wife to pick us up and take us to the car repair shop, I pulled the Bible out of the drawer and wrote a note like I usually do for the housekeeper. I wrote a Bible verse, marking the place with the note in the Bible. Then I noticed on the pen from the drawer, it said Ecclesiastes 3:1:
" For everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven."
Wow. Not only was God giving us an extended rest night, but also letting us know yet again, that everything that was happening was happening because He orchestrated it. God is so good! With that peace of mind, we drove off to "The Legend" auto shop which you find below. :)



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  2. Aw you're so sweet Hannah! Thank you for dropping by and reading! Miss ya'll too! :)


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