West Virginia Detour Part 2

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Thank you to everyone who read part 1 and have been begging me for part 2! I have been feeling the itchiness to write all day now that I got this thing started again.
So let's see where were we?...
The awesomely cool vintage car and Elvis themed auto shop, "Legend" in Bruceton Mills, WV. Owned and run by Mr. Wolverine, wanna be Elvis :P

LEGEND! That's right! 

With the U-haul truck, we pulled into the Legend auto shop and went inside. The owner and mechanic we will call Mr. Wolverine. I don't have a picture of him unfortunately since we didn't want to be creepy... This guy though he looked like Wolverine, had a thing for Elvis and tried to get an Elvis vibe going with his sideburns. One he proudly talked about without hesitation. 

We learned that Jason's poor truck was toast! It had blown a literal gasket! That is an expression for those of you who don't know. It means to become very angry very quickly! Our truck must have been angry at us for making it pull such a large U-Haul trailer. YIKES! :O

The head gasket had gone bonkers and this baby was not going to be running again. Sadly, we had to salvage the car, but of course West Virginia required a title at salvage for junk yards and they weren't going to pay us hardly anything like they would have if we were in PA. NATURALLY... And of course the title was not present. Soo we had to give up the truck to the mechanic and basically let him have all.

I was able to talk him down on the price for the initial evaluation which opened a door to conversation about other things like his brand new shop. Being full of curiosity, questions, and noticing the uniqueness of the construction, we began discussing all things related to his shop, which poured into conversation about who he is and who is wife is. 

Somehow he ended up giving us some newlywed financial advice that was quite timely as we were running into some financial snags here and there with our detour and working on the newness of combining financial ideas as one. You know, newly wed affairs....He did have some wise advice to share from his years of experience. 

Funny thing is, his wife though she is not head of household has a strong personality and their personalities being so different quite similarly like Jason and me really fit to how we view things. She is quite the fire cracker and opinionated. I identified with this personality type he described. :P But he said that her ideas and thought process, have really helped build that place like it was.

He listened to her opinions and it made it the nicest auto shop I have ever seen. We are talking interior design and mad attention to detail people! He gave us a full tour of the whole place. He gave us details on how he basically DIYed the entire place with his hands, his leftover scraps from his own house remodeling, deals, sales, coupons. It was a dream conversation I tell ya. He even used the word FRUGAL! YES! I was in HEAVEN haha!

Jason was very patient as we went through each room and were informed of its construction. :) Because of the lack of pictures since we didn't want to impose on the privacy of his home and didn't feel comfortable asking if we could take pictures at this point, you will have to use your imagination as I describe what this unique place looked like.

Five very cool things stood out in this auto shop. 

When you first walked into the door slightly to the right in front of you was a counter.
Mr. Wolverine was a fan of Elvis and vintage cars. He built his counter out of painted white wood paneling, granite countertop, and two glass pieces with sliding doors and shelves in front like you'd see in a jewelry shop or pawn shop. He put old relics and vintage magazines, Elvis knick-knacks, and such on display in them. There were even some snacks to sell. Very ingenious. 

He also had a pretty sweet minty wall colored office. My favorite 50's style mint color like my wedding! All moldings were like those you'd find in a historical house like in a historical city. White and detailed. He had vintage knick knacks and old car pictures on the walls to decorate and hand built and painted shelving all around. 

His stairs were also like those in a house with his own designed railing from scraps he came across. The man was seriously talented and creative. He took us upstairs where he has built an employee hang out. A nice bathroom, a full kitchen, a table and chairs that someone gave him. 

He used some space under the steps and built a deep cabinet. For doors he used a half of two doors that he found! We then went into the chill room where his employees had a bright orange couch to sleep on if they had a late night project to work on or just a place to take their break at. On the wall though were two huge oval painted portraits of President George Washington and President Abe Lincoln with framed copies of historical government documents between them. 

Think about this home being like a tiny house style of construction using a barn/garage shape using as many of the spaces creatively as possible to fit alot in small spaces. He had built in a large glass window to overlook the garage from the chill room. You could look right down and see where the cars and employees are. So well designed! 

He shared with us some history about Bruceton Mills, WV in general, some laws and ways they do things so it was really like an informative tour. I also learned several things about remodeling. Tips, tricks, and design techniques. Who knows when those things will come in handy one day.

After our extensive, detailed, lengthy tour with wanna be Elvis haha, we set to work getting the trailer hooked up to the u-haul truck. I took a picture of all three trucks together, but the batteries on our phones were dying and so it wouldn't save the picture! Major bummer!

Mr. Wolverine look alike (seriously we just couldn't get that out our head every time we looked at him.) offered us some cold drinks as we painstakingly and quite exhaustingly unpacked the trailer, moving everything to the truck. That was quite the s and took a little while, not to mention that it was pretty hot out, but we got it all in. 

We said goodbye to Mr. Wolverine and headed back a half an hour in the opposite direction again to drop off the trailer and get back on the road with the truck. When we arrived in PA, (we did make it and alive too!) we had to unload everything from the truck into the apartment. Yes, furniture too. We konked out in relief once everything was removed and we were inside. Little did we know that this was just a smidgen of what we would face in the weeks to come...

To complete part 2 and as we leave the adventures of Bruceton Mills, VA behind, I'll throw in a little treasure me and one of Jason's friends in the area found on a Goodwill excursion once we reached home. How perfect. ^_^



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