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NYC! Part II: "Midtown Manhattan"

I have been sick all weekend and wanted to get the NYC sequel out then, but was just too ill to write something deserved of good writing! This time I got a double whammy with a cold and sinus infection threat looming. My dear sweet husband took care of me all weekend without one complaint.  I am still not 100%, but after taking several vitamins, some nasty liquid cold medicine I found on clearance at Kmart (had to be coached. Won't lie.), drinking garlic tomato soup from a pretty blue mug, looking absolutely ridiculous laying in Jason's chair with a white cloth hot compress on my face, and being cared for so attentively, I'm starting to feel better. In fact, better enough to pay bills!  My medical bills are all coming due at once so I have been putting payment plans together for those. I am grateful that I have the money and savings to chip away at these. I know that so many can get into bad debt over medical expenses, but praise Jesus for choosing to provide in this way!
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Grocery Shopping Challenge: Round 3!

Oh m a word! I get so dis tracted so easily. I keep saying I'm going to blog then I get on my computer and that faceb ook tab just stares at me. Just one l ook. Just one. Couldn't hurt right? 2 hours later I am on anot her mission and wa y off track ! I really gotta stop that! I have a writing itch, but am not prepared yet to finish the NYC trip series so I'm just throwing in a just because post to keep things warm. T oday has been productive just like every day. I was thinking how c razy fast the day goes , but in retrospect it feels like you've done nothing even though you' ve done tons o f things ! Can anyone relate?? This morning I took Jason to work and then went grocery s hopping! It was a filler week so not a huge grocery shop, but some how I ended up coming home with more than was on my list. This is the third time I have gone out shopping and the first time I have gone completely on my own. I got l ost in downtown again , BUT this time I di dn't
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NYC! Part I "Lower Downtown Manhattan"

Hey all! I just got back from New York yesterday! I couldn't wait to write about this one while it's fresh! This weekend trip is marked into history forever as my first big travel adventure with my husband! How this came to be was an impromptu visit to meet family at our Uncle's new pad and to celebrate our Aunt's birthday at Grandpa's house. It's taking some getting used to realizing my family grew dramatically!  We arrived Friday evening after about 4 hours. The map said it would be much faster, but once we hit construction and some traffic, it delayed our arrival time. We got there safely, hung out with family, and crashed that night to prepare for a big tourist day. Saturday the family took us on a ferry for the first time since I was a kid! It was a bit chilly and super windy, but still enjoyable! Once we got to the other side, we were  met  with  some  unusual entertainment. These three guys were street gymnasts. They went around the city

Visiting The Local Hospital: Touristy Things to Do

It was one of those crazy days. I had spent most of the morning trying to figure out my phone situation so I can set something up and have a phone again. After two days of hour long phone calls, being cooped up inside all morning with customer service representatives as friends, spreadsheets, doing math, and crunching numbers that make my head pound, I finally worked something out, but you know how that process goes. There's the activations, the searching for the phone, the waiting period. I do have to thank God for helping me out though cause I was able to find all these huge discounts and credits for my parents. I'm joining the sprint family share plan that is known for its data which is needed in my family. We were switching from the Framily plan that was once the big deal, but now is being set aside because it didn't have a good data plan. The new one is going to work out beautifully for us and be the cheapest I have ever paid with so much data! Now to just find a phone
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Dropped Into Fellowship

Hey all! We're now getting into the really good parts! COMMUNITY A nice little flyer from our community was dropped at our door the first week living here, inviting us to come to a community picnic/pool party that Friday. We walked there Friday evening and this new and a little reserved couple grabbed some cookout food and scanned around the pool to find a place to sit.  It was pretty packed. We spotted an older woman sitting alone across the way and sat down. Of course we introduced ourselves and attempted conversation. She looked at us very confused and threw her hands up in the air with some mutterings that I could not make out. Then I realized that she didn't speak English.  I wasn't going to give up though! I started writing things down on a piece of paper we were given when we first came in. She seemed to understand certain phrases like "What's your name?", "Where's your home?", "How long you lived here?" She told us finally afte

When God Sends Good Samaritans

Hello again everyone! I have been so encouraged and thrilled as I have heard news that so many of you have been following this blog! I looked at the traffic tracking out of curiosity and my blog had over 900 views last month! I also have been averaging 3-5 views a day. That is a major thing for me as I have never done that well with my writing. Thank you to everyone who has been keeping up on us and reading! I really appreciate the support. Always glad to hear from my readers too so please leave a comment! Would love to hear from those who are reading this. :) I sent Jason off this morning for his first day of work. Such a handsome attorney! I am so blessed! To get back to newlywed chain of events... We were in desperate need of food and our cable package was in so we called up Jason's local friend from Penn State who lives nearby. She kindly helped us out! First took us to the cable company to pick up our cable package I had pre-arranged. We then went to the l
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