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Hey all! We're now getting into the really good parts!


A nice little flyer from our community was dropped at our door the first week living here, inviting us to come to a community picnic/pool party that Friday. We walked there Friday evening and this new and a little reserved couple grabbed some cookout food and scanned around the pool to find a place to sit. 

It was pretty packed. We spotted an older woman sitting alone across the way and sat down. Of course we introduced ourselves and attempted conversation. She looked at us very confused and threw her hands up in the air with some mutterings that I could not make out. Then I realized that she didn't speak English. 

I wasn't going to give up though! I started writing things down on a piece of paper we were given when we first came in. She seemed to understand certain phrases like "What's your name?", "Where's your home?", "How long you lived here?" She told us finally after some struggle that her name was Svetlana, she lived in the Ukraine and that the other two with her were her granddaughter and great grandaughter, a little girl about 3 years old adorned in dark fluffy curls. When her daughter came over she explained more to us that her grandmother was going back home very soon and was just visiting. Pretty much that conversation didn't go past that haha.

I noticed another couple that were going through the food line and looking for a place to eat too. Jason waved to them to sit with us. They were so personable and friendly! We learned that they are Christians and are heavily involved in mission work. So cool! Since meeting them, they have stayed in touch with us very regularly and checked in on us during some crazy times we have gone through (what I will mention later). 

They couldn't stay too long and ended up leaving early, but we exchanged phone numbers. It was such a blessing to make instant friends in our first week here! We finished our nice little evening playing a hilarious adult edition of musical chairs which Jason very much joined in with a bunch of ladies. Total husband points haha and he did really well! He also stole the show with his entertaining self by stealing a chair right when he knew he was about to be out. That started a good round of raucous laughter from everyone. Oh my dears...^_^.

Afterwards with a good bit of energy we had worked up, we took a long walk to our local Ollies and Lifeway Christian Store. Explored a little and discovered that our local mall is pretty large with some high end stores. I still need to check those out...We also discovered a covered bridge that we haven't gone to yet (but I sure hope to soon!) and a little diner that we are told has delicious food selections. 

There are tons of restaurants here to choose from. I'm sure we will be visiting the different ones while we are here. I used to never go to Ollie's when I was back home, but I have to say this Ollie's has so much to offer and such good deals! With a rewards card you can really save a lot there! 

Of course things are selective and you don't always find what you're looking for, but for dry goods, toiletries, some food, household items, etc., it's worth checking out your local Ollie's. Even beats Walmart prices...sooo check our your local Ollie's for great deals and if not, at least for the experience of shopping with good vintage music in the background. There's your Ollie's plug for the day! :P


Saturday we hung out at the house. I worked on putting things in our large closet, organizing my clothes, dresses, and shoes, and storing stuff away in our other large close. We also got our bookshelf in order which made things feel a little more like home. Books hold special places in my heart. :)

That evening our new couple friends from the picnic invited us to go to church the next morning. We still didn't have a car so they picked us up the next morning and we visited a local, more contemporary non denominational church. Now for those of you who don't know, several months before the wedding I confirmed Lutheran. Jason also did after me. We were looking for a nearby LCMS church to attend that is more of what we're used to but even getting to go to church was so great for us. We were needing the fellowship and just to be in God's house. You don't want to go too long without that...

After church the couple invited us over for lunch at their apartment within walking distance to us which is so great! Not only did we have lunch, but we met two more couples! Again, Christians and about our ages. One of them after hearing of our dilemma and the fact we had a lot of errands to run still, offered their truck for us to use while one of them was on a mission's trip! What a gift! The car serviced us for two weeks. Kept us afloat as even more things were about to happen to us. THAT I will save for the next post. ;)

To conclude,  dinner time came. The challenge has been coming up with meals that will be good for two people with minimum leftovers since Jason doesn't prefer leftovers. I will usually eat the leftovers for lunch the next day or something and make something fresh for dinner every night. I do not "enjoy" cooking as much as I see it as a necessity.

Nevertheless, food must be made! *sigh* and so prayers answered Jason cooks and is a good cook. YAY!

For a month now, before he started going to work, we took turns cooking every other night or so and came up with some different recipes that are off shoots of stuff I found online. Cause yeah Pinterest always has the really yummy looking food that is too "pretty" to eat most of the time and requires a hundred ingredients that you probably don't have in your average kitchen or at least not when just starting out in life. :P So I modified several recipes on there to suit a couple. 

Here are the recipes I've gathered on my pinterest board if you're interested:

Recipes I've Tried and Want To Try

As for our 1st dinner in the apartment.......TADA!!!

If anyone wants the recipe for this delicious PERFECT first-time-in-your-apartment couple's dinner it's basically:

-Seasoned chicken
-Beef ramen noodles (to mix up the flavors of meats..)
-A good ole' very bad for you Cherry coke!

No hassle, easy, and under an hour to make!

Oh and some romantic candles from your unity candle set cause it's the only taper candles you own, are a nice touch. I also threw in chopsticks cause if your new darling husband and you have a great miscommunication of what to furnish the house with, you will probably want some backup utensils of some kind. 

Otherwise, you'll find yourself eating with your hands. At that point I'd just resort to going all out and sitting on the living room floor with pillows and a coffee table for the full international romance experience.


This is completely unrelated to anything here, but I am trying to find a way to insert this picture here....no shame in my game! We took a walk to the back part of our complex and found a corn field with a road that stretched a good long ways and dead ended at a fence. Over the fence was old railroad tracks cut off. 

On the way, I stopped and was trying desperately to take a selfie of me and Jason standing next to the cornfield. This got pretty frustrating till this elderly gentleman in a vintage car pulled up and offered to take our picture! I thought it was odd that he was driving towards a dead end but he sure did drive all the way down and then turn around. 

Kinda odd the timing of that! But doesn't surprise me really because God has been very involved in even the little details of our lives from the time Jason and I met. Even the tinier seemingly less important desires of our hearts. 
I was so happy to have this picture taken! Why? Cause you know...corn fields are cool and stuff...*ahem*.

Hope you enjoyed! :) 



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  1. I didn't know you guys confirmed Lutheran! I'd love to talk to you sometime about that. :) Brian is Lutheran, and we're currently attending a LCMS church. I am still getting used to it and am not quite ready to be confirmed Lutheran yet, but I'm really enjoying it and don't think it will be long. Hehe I get excited when I meet other young Lutherans ^_^

  2. Yay! A comment! Hi Carrie!
    Yes, I actually ironically confirmed Lutheran before Jason did! He introduced me to it and I fell in love! I felt that it very much was filling in gaps for me that I was missing. The reverence, some of the explanations of things that would be told to me about the Scriptures that don't really say that. Things like that. The doctrine was alarming at first but the more I looked into it, the more reassuring and at peace I was about it. It actually made alot of Scriptures make more sense! Would love to talk with you more about it. I hope you get this comment. It didn't really give me a reply to comment option.

  3. haha, I got it! Yes, it's definitely answering questions I've had, and filling in some problems I've had with previous church's doctrines. I'm excited to be a part of our church! I'm also really thankful Brian was already attending a church when we got married, so we didn't have to church hunt. I hope you guys are able to find a great church soon! I'd love to talk to you some time about some of the doctrines I still can't quite understand. :) Hope your day is going well!

  4. My next post clarified that we are sticking with the church we found here. Really the only LCMS church available. Would love to talk doctrine with you! Always enjoy our conversations. :)


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