NYC! Part II: "Midtown Manhattan"

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I have been sick all weekend and wanted to get the NYC sequel out then, but was just too ill to write something deserved of good writing! This time I got a double whammy with a cold and sinus infection threat looming. My dear sweet husband took care of me all weekend without one complaint. 

I am still not 100%, but after taking several vitamins, some nasty liquid cold medicine I found on clearance at Kmart (had to be coached. Won't lie.), drinking garlic tomato soup from a pretty blue mug, looking absolutely ridiculous laying in Jason's chair with a white cloth hot compress on my face, and being cared for so attentively, I'm starting to feel better. In fact, better enough to pay bills! 

My medical bills are all coming due at once so I have been putting payment plans together for those. I am grateful that I have the money and savings to chip away at these. I know that so many can get into bad debt over medical expenses, but praise Jesus for choosing to provide in this way!

I'm still on the search for a cellphone. You know how when you're on the hunt for an item with specifics in mind, but you come across something even better? You would have never known it existed unless it was told to you or you ran across it in search for the original thing that satisfied you. Much like how ads work. ;) 

Well this happened to me which is complicating things. I have ruled out android because frankly it wouldn't make sense when I am loyal to all other apple products like my mac and ipad. So now i'm looking at iphones. Oh the selection! Should I get the iphone 5? Is the 5s better? What about the burst of color in the 5c? Too many choices! 

My main function I am looking for is a good camera in my phone. I do not want to have to buy two devices when I can have one. From my research, the 5s has a better camera than even the 5, but then I'd have to stretch my budget in order to accommodate the price when the 5c is selling cheaper used. Good pictures, especially for my blog are important to me. I want to have good memories with a good camera, but really is there much difference between these three? Do I only see the differences when compared, but otherwise would have nothing to go on?

Speaking of camera and pictures, more on NYC! Read the first part here: NYC Part 1

We last left getting ready to drive through to Manhattan again for the night life. We hit a couple tolls (those things are outrageously expensive!) and inched along into the city for 40 minutes or so till we reached Midtown Manhattan and amazingly found a parking spot on the street. We walked to the famous Time square that I have only seen on movies, New Year's, and in pictures from other friends who have gone. 

My impressions of Midtown Manhattan:

More skyscraper buildings, bright lights, and giant digital billboards, flashing ads.
Streetnappers. No, literally.

 Jason's contribution to the photos...
Musta had a long day.


Moving on.

We saw some unsavory characters in the middle of Time Square. I didn't take pictures of them, but if you ever visit there, be prepared to "see more" than you expected. It's very sad and apparently is worse at times. 

Ironically, this guy faithfully stands in the streets in the same area as them and reminds us 
of what's coming.

Many many street sellers and extremely talented street artists with spray paint. 

If ever you visit, stop by their booths and watch them make masterpieces. He uses materials like newspaper! They also had caricature artists along the road.

To continue, growing traffic jams of people packing the stores and restaurants. We stopped in a McDonald's for a bathroom break. Longest bathroom wait long. Pretty much matched one at a concert.

This is one of my favorite shots. Can you guess why? Hint. Rhymes with "smocolate".

Unfortunately, I didn't get to explore that back region that made me instantly hungry. We weren't sure what was going on with the people in the stands either. Earlier there were comedy ticket salespeople all over the streets for a comedy show. Maybe that is what that was.
Limos were everywhere. This one looks pink from the lights. Didn't run into any celebrities. Rats.
Dressed up characters roaming the streets wanting pictures with you for cash.
Spider man, Hulk, Batman, Elmo, and Jack Sparrow to be specific. An unlikely mix...
In my opinion, my cousin makes the best Jack Sparrow I have ever seen. Shout out to ya cousin if you're reading this! Thank you for the use of the pictures! If you ever need a Jack Sparrow look alike, I highly recommend him! If you click on this picture, it will take you to his fb page. :) 
Threw in a touring boat we saw on the ferry too as it appeared appropriate for these shots. :)

When we left, we were starving and wiped out, so we grabbed some white castles, ate at the house, and crashed. The next day we spent a few hours, after sleeping in some, watching some football games, eating more New Yorker pizza, and then said our farewells. I'm learning that spontaneous trips can be more entertaining than fully planned ones. I'm glad I had the chance to visit NYC. Would I come back? Probably to visit family and to maybe see a Broadway show or something, but that will  be further down life's happy trails when we can prepare more. 

Oh yeah almost forgot! Jason's Dad and Miss Dorothy who gets the credit for all the beautiful downtown photos in this post gave us this lottery ticket to scratch for fun. All we had to do was match three $10,000.
 We won $10,000!

HAHAHA Psyche! 
If only, if only. It was a gag ticket that in the back told us, to claim our prize, we needed to send it to the Money Fairy at NoWhere Drive in Make-Believe Land. We actually fell for it till we read the back. 

Lastly, one for the road!

A popular Icee joint. It was closed. Phooey.
Thank you for reading and thank you to my cousin Nathan and to Mrs. Dorothy for the photos in this blog post. 



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