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Cooking Up Experiments!: "Freezing the Freezables"

*Catchy Theme music* Hello everyone! Thank you for tuning in to Cooking Up Experiments! For our very first episode we are going to peek into my kitchen to see what I have been working on! Last week my neighbor and I officially "met" on a day I was doing laundry. Somehow we got on the conversation of grocery shopping which has been a huge part of my learning since moving here. She told me about a local market named "Roots" where she purchases her produce at much cheaper than the grocery stores. So Tuesday a friend of mine from church who also wanted to check it out, picked me up and we checked out this new place. It was so much bigger than I realized! We didn't even get through all the buildings. I was able to score some great deals all for a little under $13! -4 onions @ $2 -4 tomatoes @ $1 -2 avocados @ $1 -1lb of grapes @ $1 -13 apples (almost 6 pounds) @ $3.50 -1 lb of carrots @ $.65 -9 peppers @ 3 for $1. He even gave me the extra so I got 9 f
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My Goodbye Letter: A Memorial

I lost a sweet friend two days ago. One that has impacted and influenced my life in the short time I have known her. One whose example I pray I can live out and share beyond my generation. One whose legacy will live on through her kindness, compassion, generosity, and love for those around her. Though bittersweet, though a joyful time, I still grieve with many brothers and sisters back home as we face one more hole in the earth... As you read through this hit play on this video. Scroll and read slowly. This post is designed to fit the beautiful music and this song which was one of her favorites. A tribute to this wonderful woman who is now rejoicing with Jesus.  "Morning Has Broken"                    

Seasoned With Change

Hello again lovelies and gents! This morning after a strange dream of someone showing me how to sketch the perfect tree with some dots, connected swirls, light and dark shading and a colored green pencil spinning technique (Will have to try this out and see if it really works. Weird dreams. Hmm..) my sweet husband kissed and hugged me goodbye like he does every morning before he went to work.  He informed me he cleaned up the kitchen so I could wake up and have an easy undistracted morning. He knew I really wanted to blog today. I do not deserve a man like this, yet the Lord has chosen to bless me immensely in His grace. I am finding that in the mornings I have millions of words running rampant through my head and sometimes I have subconsciously written an entire post or dialogue before I even open my eyes. I should be writing as soon as I get up. I used to do this back when I was a teenager.  A friend from very long ago introduced me to an exercise called "Morning and Night Pa
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