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Thanksgiving Weekend Recap

From Thanksgiving to Black Friday weekend, to a time having friends over from out of town, this one has been a busy five days! A sweet family in our church had us over to spend Thanksgiving with them this year. It was great getting to know them better and playing active games of ping pong, air hockey, and pool with them! I also tried my hand at making a green bean casserole and Jason made a scrumptious juicy, flavorful pineapple and brown sugar glazed ham. My green bean casserole was their son's favorite. He never had had it before, but was devouring it! Thank you family for introducing this to me! :D We had so much food and selection! Jason's GAME ON pose Friday we stayed home to relax, hang out with each other, and prep for our visitor's the next day. No Black Friday shopping for us! I thought about attempting it for a few things, but then thought better of it. :P On Saturday though, we hit a few different stores and really scored some comparable Black Frida
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Thankfulness in Simplicity

It's Thanksgiving day and 1 day till the infamous Black Friday across the nation. That ironic time between a day of expressed thankfulness surrounded by family and friends and the day where outrageous stories are told of people trampling over one another for the latest and greatest items on the shelves. Some even leaving their moments of thankfulness early to jump at door busting deals that lure us in like fish to bait. The ad leaking of stores all over has been invading my email inbox. I am signed up for something called Brad Deals, emails that get delivered to my inbox to keep me informed on the latest deals year around just in case I ever need something for myself or as a gift and can frugally find it for less.  This lets someone else do the research for me thus avoiding the wasting of precious time. I'm always a deal hunter and will hardly ever buy anything full price if I can help it.  There are several things we have realized we need. Practical items, not necessarily
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Starlight Gala Casino Night

Jason and I had the opportunity to attend a gorgeous romantic Starlight Gala Charity event for a local hospital earlier this month. We just got back an anticipated picture before I wanted to make a post about it. It was the first event that we have ever been to as a married couple of such exquisite nature! We bid on a few items and came home with two which unfortunately we did not get to use! One of them was a train ticket. I do not remember the other! I think we ended up giving them away as a gift to someone as we could not find the time in our schedules to go.  Jason's law firm sponsored a table at the event which is how we were invited to go. I have never worn a dress so fancy in my life. Having homeschooled, I didn't go to a prom or formal so this really was a first for me! We enjoyed a night of fine dining with a 4 course meal (never have had this before either!), live music, dancing, good company (his co-workers) and even was given a bottle of wine from his boss's
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Fictitious Ideals: A Letter To Dreamers of Marriage

This is directed mostly towards Christian single women and Christian single men. Trust me this is for your benefit too. :) Married people, do share with your single friends and family if you're so inclined. Anyone else, this is from the perspective of my faith. I'm sure others have written on this topic, but it's helpful to throw one more in the mix as this subject needs to be pounded out. For years now I have watched my generation wade through the pools of relationship struggles. Some examples are the challenge of finding "the one". They just seem to not exist right? Or living life waiting for the "the one" to come along. This could look like staying at home or living a full single life of busyness till you run into "the one" when you least expect it! It could also be in the form of being criticized of the choice you made for a spouse when you finally get around to either finding one or choosing one!  Not everyone is meant to be

Cooking Up Experiments!: Saving the Produce!

I am here to tell you that something heart wrenching happened this week. I lost my produce as in most of it (the ones I didn't freeze) spoiled. :( Maybe it's a first world problem and there are bigger things to grieve over out there. I do put such passion into what I try and do. I invest my time and energy into it so when it all goes to waste, it is devastating. A friend once dubbed me "Rebekah Ann with an E"(my middle name is Josann) from Anne of Green Gables for my dramatic flares. Hmm maybe there's truth to that... How it occurred is when I came home, after I chopped, blanched, sorted, and froze the freezable produce (See: Cooking up Experiments: Freezing the Freezables ) , I stored the remaining vegetables and fruit: A cucumber in the fridge, apples, potatoes, onions, and tomatoes. What I did not realize is that there are rules to storing vegetables and fruit! By gollee! One morning about a week later (Yes only a week), I wake up to discover my tomatoes h

A Park Date in October

Last weekend we had a couple gorgeous Autumn days so Jason and I decided to go to a park for a sort of date. I wanted to visit one that is bigger and more scenic, but it was an hour away and the day was going to get away from us so I found something more local. Our first park here! We picked up some McDonald's that Jason had been talking about craving and headed to the park. I had my first quarter pounder. I have to admit it was kinda delicious. :P We enjoyed the balmy day bursting with color. A month ago the leaves were turning but not that fast. Now they are turning from top to bottom and are exploding with vibrancy! These images have not been tampered with except for bringing the light back into them. It's been a memorable Autumn this year. We also came across some other park visitors while there. One of them had just gotten married. I have never seen a pink formal vehicle like this before! The bride got out of the vehicle and started dancing. I couldn't get bette
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