Thankfulness in Simplicity

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It's Thanksgiving day and 1 day till the infamous Black Friday across the nation. That ironic time between a day of expressed thankfulness surrounded by family and friends and the day where outrageous stories are told of people trampling over one another for the latest and greatest items on the shelves. Some even leaving their moments of thankfulness early to jump at door busting deals that lure us in like fish to bait.

The ad leaking of stores all over has been invading my email inbox. I am signed up for something called Brad Deals, emails that get delivered to my inbox to keep me informed on the latest deals year around just in case I ever need something for myself or as a gift and can frugally find it for less. 

This lets someone else do the research for me thus avoiding the wasting of precious time. I'm always a deal hunter and will hardly ever buy anything full price if I can help it. 

There are several things we have realized we need. Practical items, not necessarily wants. Every year around this time I wrestle with the pages and pages of ads that scream "YOU NEED ME!" I wouldn't label myself as one who has to have everything in style, in fashion, or interior design. But I can't help but find that even when I have a focus of exactly what I need to hunt for, I am drawn to these colorful ads with their enticing prices. 

My mind immediately goes to "You passed that up last year and all the years behind them. You probably should buy that this time cause you know you want it. You know if you don't buy it you're going to be wishing you did." It taunts me with, "Wouldn't it be nice to finally have what you have longed for?" But then my common sense kicks in and counters, "Wait a minute. I didn't WANT or DESIRE those things until I saw them again a year later in an ad or commercial with an appealing sales tag attached." 

That is what ads do. They suck your brain into a vacuum of silly notions and ridiculous reasoning till you snap back to reality and realize those are all things that might be nice to have, but you don't NEED them. You're not going to die without them.

I admit that it's hard to hear about and see pictures of my friends who are married and have their own little abodes in such adorably pinterested homeyness. Part of me wants to build a palace with beautiful artwork on the walls and trendy pieces of furniture from room to room. Live in a pinterest inspired house, walk into my cleverly organized closet packed full with the latest trends and fashion must haves,  jewelry, shoes, and accessories that would make any lady squeal with excitement. 

I even came across a blog this week which was devoted to everything pinterest where the author does everything pinterest tells her to do. How she is able to do that, I do not know, but again it left me with a discontentment. I clicked out, resisting the urge to bookmark it along with my other blog lists.

So why don't I just buy what I want? Well, our life is a little different here.
My beautiful reality is we move around ALOT and live an adventurous life. It may seem to be empty and contain fewer earthly possessions than our friends and family may have perhaps. 

Unable to accumulate much along the way for the sake of expense and difficulty. Yet, it's full and rich. Richer than anything I could ever own and fuller than anything concrete that would bring satisfaction.

I stopped browsing pinterest like I used to and only use it when I am search of something like a recipe or to gather info on a project, because it only made me want more. I noticed a pattern of dissatisfaction when I would spend time looking at things that I want and then find I can't really make that happen because of my circumstances. Likewise, I dread the Black Friday ads that I have been going through in my research for the good deals I AM looking for. Thus the inner struggle again.

While looking for a Christmas gift last week, I came across a person who is losing their home, having to sell their bigger furniture, and struggling to get disability with no income right before Thanksgiving.

I have been doing my best to help him sell what he has by his deadline and sharing the Lord with him to give him more than just assistance with making some cash to live on. I also have been encouraging him to attend a church though it's been years since he has. He has been surprised that anyone would do that for him. It put things into perspective. Don't pass the opportunities to make a difference this Thanksgiving. Do something out of the ordinary. It gets noticed and opens doors that otherwise may not be open. :)

As for us? This year, I stare out the window watching the first snow of the season fall steadily in a white powdery blanket. I sit on my free couch scrubbed with love and elbow grease, my macbook pro balanced in my lap. 

I look around me and smile at the makeshift coffee table from a wall mirror and a end of the bed trunk chest, our flat screen tv atop my 8 yr old coffee table as an entertainment center.

Jason's one trusty recliner, our lonely bookshelf full of a mixture of our treasures combined, and a trusty round table of 8 years sitting against a blank back wall. I know I can walk into the other room and curl up in my warm bed and comforter with our two pillows. Some people don't even have these things as I have been reminded this week.

This Thanksgiving I may not have the latest and greatest hot off the shelf items, I may not have the trendiest clothes, the fanciest accessories and jewelry, the most appealing household decor (I'm rather eclectic by convenience), the fanciest food, or the trendiest beverages of the times. 

But, I am happily married (celebrating our 1 yr engagement anniversary today =) ) and my soul saved. I have a home, clothes, a wonderful Thanksgiving morning omelet and bacon bravely cooked by my sweet husband who will be by my side for 4 days straight. I count my blessings for they are many. 

What blessings are you thankful for today?



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