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Living the Housewife Life

Lately I have been getting asked often, "So what do you do every day as a stay at home wife?" Obviously, I'm not working outside the home. I'm working in the home but just not getting paid for it. :P I thought this would make a good blog post. I do so many things in a month and even a week, but I'm just going to break down all I have done from  the time I woke up this morning to answer that question. :) Usually Jason and I stay up pretty late. We are partial night owls and enjoy spending our time together in the evening once Jason comes home. We eat a later dinner because of his work schedule and neither he or I are that hungry when he comes home. We will eat a little snack and then I'll prepare dinner later on.  From there, I clean up the kitchen from dinner or he does depending on whose cooking on an evening, and then we go out depending on what night it is, snuggle, talk, and maybe catch up on some episodes of shows we are watching.  I then sleep in till

Downtown Lititz in the Summer and Winter!

Back in September was my birthday. It was the strangest birthday I have ever had! Being married for one with a new family and in a different state. No fireworks, no family get togethers. Just me and my husband. It was rather different than I'm used to for sure! Plus because we had no car at the time we were stuck inside for about a month. An unusual type of honeymoon. Jason made me a nice breakfast in bed of my favorite: milk toast. If you haven't ever heard of this it's literally toast with butter and pepper. You pour warm milk over it and then let the toast absorb it. It's really delicious even though most think it sounds gross haha. Now I can't have it because of a dairy intolerance. Real bummer! After breakfast we spent the afternoon working on a new song I had written a couple days earlier. I need to revisit that so I don't forget it! To kinda make up for this day, after church the next Sunday, we drove to Lititz, PA a charming little town with shops an
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