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4:56 PM

Lately I have been getting asked often, "So what do you do every day as a stay at home wife?"
Obviously, I'm not working outside the home. I'm working in the home but just not getting paid for it. :P I thought this would make a good blog post.

I do so many things in a month and even a week, but I'm just going to break down all I have done from 
the time I woke up this morning to answer that question. :)

Usually Jason and I stay up pretty late. We are partial night owls and enjoy spending our time together in the evening once Jason comes home. We eat a later dinner because of his work schedule and neither he or I are that hungry when he comes home. We will eat a little snack and then I'll prepare dinner later on. 

From there, I clean up the kitchen from dinner or he does depending on whose cooking on an evening, and then we go out depending on what night it is, snuggle, talk, and maybe catch up on some episodes of shows we are watching. 

I then sleep in till about 8:30 or 9. On days where I'm just more exhausted than usual from a busier week, I've woken up at 10:00. But that is rare.

This morning I woke up at 9am since we got to bed a little later than usual. I also haven't been feeling the best today. Blaaah. I had some breakfast, did some devotionals, read some articles (love learning about things), and then jumped on my computer. 

I checked my emails and answered some emails referring to some items I am tracking down to purchase. Tis the season. I also checked our rental car reservation for our trip in a couple weeks.

I jumped on our online banking sites and updated our accounts with current numbers which
sometimes can take a little while depending on what week of the month we are in. I manage all the finances in the family since 

1. I'm good at it and 
2. Jason doesn't have to worry about it and can focus on his job. 

This has worked well for us. I also love calculators and spreadsheets and the one on my mac and iPhone are tools I use constantly. I'm such a nerd!

After all that, I updated my detailed budget spreadsheet that helps us keep track of what we are spending and what we are saving in various categories. From there, I put all the next month's projected bill dates on my calendar (another crucial tool) and lined up all bills in preparation to be paid before we leave on our trip! 

This way we don't have to stress if anything is not going to be on time while we're vacationing. Started preparing a budget for our trip too.

Single ladies, if there's anything you put your mind to learning, do learn how to run finances. I can't stress it enough. It is such a blessing to your husband and family even if you end up not being the one in charge of them in your household. It's ALWAYS ALWAYS good to be competent in this area when it comes to financial skills. It can be fun too! I have learned how to use spreadsheets and gotten better at mathematics, percentages, etc all because I'm using it in my daily life. 

It's satisfying when you can strike deals too using math! Funny thing is, I never liked math! Who would ever tell? :P The best part is being able to teach others who ask you, "how on earth do you do that?" Watching someone else benefit and grow from something you were determined to do and made happen, is so uplifting all around!

Simultaneously, (I multitask pretty much always), I took a picture of our local Live Nativity event we're going to be in as Joseph and Mary. I contacted the local online selling groups I'm part of to request permission to advertise it which I did get permission! More people than would have will now be hearing the true meaning of Christmas and watching it play out all the while hearing God's Word. I love ministry opportunities like this!

 I chatted and texted several friends today. I love being able to connect with friends from all over.
Also contacted a couple people I have been helping out this month with some things to check in on them and see if they needed anything and how life is going for them.

Ate lunch.

Grabbed the mail and a package! Yay!

Been working a little more on my blog day by day, adding some improvements, answering comments, making lists of future blog post ideas and subjects, writing, etc.

Every other Thursday is usually laundry day. This is a Thursday where I'm not doing laundry which is why I'm doing everything else lol. I usually sort it all on Wednesday, divide it up, and then take the whole day Thursday to work on it. :)

All rooms get cleaned about once a week which is practical for us since we clean as we go a lot.

Lastly, I've planned what I'm making for dinner tonight, made a sort of mental list of what groceries/frozen meats we need for the week (practically have our simple grocery lists memorized by now) and scanned the ads on what stores have the sales. This is all in preparation for a shopping trip and meat repackaging for the freezer tomorrow before we go on a night in the town!

Jason will be home in only a couple hours. The days go fast when I'm busy.

So yes, that is just all that I have done in one day. Each day holds many things to do and be part of.  Of course there are times too where I'll get an itching to create something in which I always leave some time for hobbies and crafting if I'm up for it. ;) Yet many tasks, research, PLANNING, PLANNING, PLANNING, preparation, cleaning, and anything else required to keep a home running smoothly are a huge part of it.

HUGS to all you homemakers and housewives out there especially those with children who continue to keep life rolling. I applaud you and one day aspire to follow in your footsteps. Thank you for paving the way for us youngins'.  I still have so much to learn and will step by step. This little quote sums it up for me.



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