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Memories in PA: A Night of Christmas Romance

I am wanting to catch up on posts and have managed to find time amidst packing and cleaning to do it thanks to Fly Lady and a support group! My home right now is the cleanest and orderly it's been from the time we lived here. I am working on establishing some good habits to take through the rest of my existence. Good luck to me! lol It's sad to be leaving PA. I really loved it here and wish I could have experienced more of it, but it's nice that we made some memories and did a few things while here. I also made a few friends that I have a feeling are going to be sticking around in the years to come.  I apologize ahead of time for all the Christmas posts that you will be seeing. December was the busiest most eventful time for us. We were gone like every weekend doing something social. I'm still waiting on pictures coming back from these events so it will be a little bit till I can get them. Hopefully before spring! :D Earlier before Christmas last year (it'
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Farewell to 2014. Greetings to 2015.

We obviously made it back home safe and sound. We had a wonderful time ringing in the new year with my family and my siblings' girlfriend and boyfriend. While everyone was there, we did a family photo shoot to get good pictures of everyone together and their respective dates or spouses. I love how silly we can be! Apparently the camera blurred out a lot of them! That seems to be happening a lot with the pictures I'm in. Whaaa? We did manage to get a few good ones though despite issues with  overhead lighting... I tell ya trying to get this many people together and cooperating is a task! My family!   We also had a great time staying up all night after ringing in the new year with singing karaoke and playing games with the siblings. Of course cuddle time with my baby niece was a big event too! During this trip, God had so much in mind to accomplish that we didn't even know. As we visited people from my past, we watched Him fill in the missing pieces, bring unde
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Back Home Again

Brrr!! It's cold out there! Hope you all are staying warm! We have had to break out the space heater cause it's been like an igloo in here and the heat is turned up as far as it can go! Anyways, another Christmas has come and gone. It's amazing to think how fast the months go by. Jason and I were blessed to be able to go back to my hometown this Christmas. With such a big adventure awaiting us in 2015, we wanted to make sure we got to see friends and family while we could. It has been a convenient trip for us because we needed some repair work done on our car and some extensive maintenance done in the apartment (which they didn't do in the apartment turns out). I found a rental car at a good price for our 9 day trip and from there we had a smooth ride down south. The first four days we stayed with my family at their house. This was over Christmas Eve and Christmas. I got to spend time with my little brothers and sister, married sister, brother in law, and my new
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