Farewell to 2014. Greetings to 2015.

4:45 PM

We obviously made it back home safe and sound. We had a wonderful time ringing in the new year with my family and my siblings' girlfriend and boyfriend. While everyone was there, we did a family photo shoot to get good pictures of everyone together and their respective dates or spouses. I love how silly we can be! Apparently the camera blurred out a lot of them! That seems to be happening a lot with the pictures I'm in. Whaaa? We did manage to get a few good ones though despite issues with  overhead lighting... I tell ya trying to get this many people together and cooperating is a task!

My family!


We also had a great time staying up all night after ringing in the new year with singing karaoke and playing games with the siblings.
Of course cuddle time with my baby niece was a big event too!
During this trip, God had so much in mind to accomplish that we didn't even know. As we visited people from my past, we watched Him fill in the missing pieces, bring understanding and restoration between friendships, and wrap up 2014 in a nice little package of forgiveness, grace, trust, and faith. Opening this package, prepares us for His works in 2015 which are going to be many. There's still ALOT of work to be done, but it's good to see God in action as He moves in His time.

More changes are coming. After a talk with Jason and with my Dad, as well as a perfectly timed reference of Phillippians 4:13 and the word "FAITH" on the back of a tractor trailer on the way home, I think I have enough confirmation to pursue something big in 2015. To stare another fear in the face and overcome. I had written all about it here and mysteriously it disappeared! So maybe it's not the right timing to reveal this major event yet. Often when those things happen, it's God's way of holding my tongue. I ask for a lot of prayer as He moves me forward in 2015 even if it's baby steps. 

Right after the New Year began, after we got back, we both came down with the flu! We got through it and haven't had any trouble since. Soon after a couple weeks of getting rid of the flu, we heard that we will be relocating early to our first Marine base as a married couple! I'm sad to be leaving here this early. I was hoping to see some sites while here once spring hit with warmer weather, but it's just not in God's plan so we'll have to return as tourists! It's funny. You live somewhere and assume you're going to get to see and do a lot of things, but the weeks fly, the weekends get filled up, and then before you know it 6 months has gone by and you still haven't seen what you want to see or done what you want to do.

My weeks have been busy since returning. This passed weekend, we took a trip down to VA, our new home to look for a place to live for about a year. After seeing several of them we came across one I am very excited about! This new place is so much more space than our current first apartment. 

Because it's so big, I'm putting together a good consistent and realistic cleaning schedule to keep it visitor and company ready at all times. I also am looking forward to decorating it in a way that is going to inspire me and keep me happy with Jason having a completely different schedule than what we are used to. Time to do some of those craft projects I have been waiting on! We have to move ourselves this time, but from VA on we should be getting assistance from the military financially. That will be a nice relief and give us more room to have a few more things.

When we got back, I have been cleaning like mad and straightening things up here, receiving the pre-inspection word, "immaculate" today! That was my goal and I feel really good that I worked my tail off to make this place look "better than it was when you moved in".
This next move is huge for us. I have so many mixed feelings. I'm excited, but also nervous from the uncertainty of expectation. We both don't know what to expect since this is the first time he will be going active. 

I will experience in 2015 my first separations from Jason due to military life which is going to be different for both of us since we haven't been apart since getting married. We also need a second car when we get there. The Lord provided our first one so we are trusting him for a second one. Please pray with us for this and for these next huge steps of faith, guided lovingly by our Lord.

To wrap up, I used to do the whole New Year's Resolutions things. But I found those lists always get pushed to the wayside as God reveals what He has planned each New Year. We can make plans and lists, but they won't always happen if it's not what He intends. So now I ask every year, "God, what resolutions do YOU want to see through in my life this year?" Allowing Him to make the lists beat my wild ideas of how I think my life should go. I love that we can place our trust and our lives in God's hands.

As we say farewell to 2014 and greet 2015:

My friends and family, 

Do something bold and daring.
Take your fears and throw them to the wind. 
Squish the voice inside that tells you "you can't"
and replace it with "I can" for the Lord is with you.
Follow through with that goal you have had for years,
but never really got around to doing. 
If you're really feeling bold, maybe even break into a song
in a public place like, you know, the videos that get shared
on faith sites and youtube. 
They really do brighten someone's day and inspire. :P

Climb out of the bubble.
Why continue living life in a bubble?
Why allow it to confine you? 
It holds no power over you.
Climb out and don't go back in.
Experience Freedom. 

Step outside of comfort zones.
Move forward in faith.
Embrace opportunities for change. 
Learn something you've
never done or known before. 
Conquer your inner enemies.

Don't waste the teachable moments.
Family and friends are only growing older.
Time is short. 
Embrace those you love and the moments
 you get to spend together. 
Take pictures. Take vacations.
Make memories.

Set the trends. Be the examples.
Just because culture says it should be one way,
doesn't mean we have to follow it. Be different.
Defy what the world tells you you should do and
who you should be. 
Demonstrate to the world a new way, a moral way. 
There's so much brokenness around us.
Shine light in the midst of the darkness.

Love better, forgive and let go...
of grudges. 
Too many people wallow in self pity, bitterness,
and resentment because of the past.
We are wasting and ruining the precious time
we have to be a blessing to our family and
friends when we do this.
We are making enemies where we could grow
relationships and friendships. 

Repent often.
We all are sinners. 
No one is perfect and pride only damages.
Holding onto a sinful lifestyle
will only hinder the blessings in our lives. 

Future generations are watching you
make decisions and live.
Pave the way. Share the Gospel with others.
Don't be afraid.
Tell your story and bring blessing
 to other's lives with the Truth. 
Add to the Kingdom.

can be 
the best year yet. 
It's up to 

Hope you enjoyed my Christmas post!



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