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The Love/Hate Relationship of Technology

I have a love hate relationship with my own technology. I had an entirely new blog post written out to piggy back on the last one since I have done an awful job keeping updates coming. It was long, had pictures and everything. It was on the previous post at first till I realized that it probably was getting too long and could work as one of its own so I thought, "I might as well just cut this whole thing and put it in a new post."  I cut it and finished up one sentence. ONE SENTENCE so I could finish up the other post. I then thought, "I need a "^_^" and absentmindedly cut one from another section of the page and pasted it at the end of the ONE SENTENCE. Then it hit me like a sunken rock at the bottom of a river. I lost the entire cut post. Now "^_^" will forever remind me of an entire 15 minutes of writing AND PHOTOS that have vanished off into a cyber black hole! Allow me a minute to recompose myself. .....................................

A Dandy Filled Valentines

It's been a little while since I have last written. We have had a couple long weeks plus I have realized how much Facebook can be distracting, a time waster, and consume the clock like it's candy and I....awww! My friend just got engaged! Woo! Oooh what cute pictures! Wow! I had no idea a waffle iron could do so many things...50 shades of grey posts? THAT again? Oops... Umm... FOCUS!!! Though there's so much information that I learn from being added to so many groups and helpful information at that. Useful information! When I am writing or doing something else I really gotta start closing out of Facebook cause it can be worse than Netflix in this house which has also been a winter go to. Speaking of winter we got dumped with 6 inches of snow this week and heard that our area's snow removal budget is completely depleted! WOW! I feel bad for the people who may get fired over poor management or resources... I mean seriously...does this look like $51 million would

The Move to Virginia

*Cough cough* *sniffle sniffle* *Aaachoo!!* That's pretty much me right now. Every time I move I get sick. Haven't figured out the full reason why. I'm guessing because of the stress of a move, the changes, and my body just not liking it. I hoped to get my clothes in the closet and the living room cleared of all the boxes this week, but the body is calling for rest, hot tea, medicine, and soups. Baaahh... The move from PA to VA was smooth and uneventful. I managed to get our old apartment sparkling clean through elbow grease, late nights, and tons of cleaning product while Jason packed the Uhaul. Most of our things were just too heavy for me to lift. I pretty much packed most of everything in their boxes so it balanced out. Two friends from church came the night before and helped move the bigger furniture out which was a huge help. Thank you Clement family! :) We also got to spend some time earlier in the week with three more friends from church in their new very ol
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