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When Your Ceiling Leaks, Make A Friend!

Oh I do hope you all are enjoying the cooler temperatures before we get blasted with summer heat waves! I have been opening windows, curtains, blinds, and soaking in the sun. Today it's been much warmer. Spring and Summer are my favorite months. ♥︎ -- I discovered character thingies! Forgive me if I develop a little obsession streak with cute black hearts. :D Quick update. My tests came back golden. They redid my kidney test, but I haven't heard anything which I'm assuming is good news. Next part on the journey to tracking down my depression and anxiety is counseling. I have been referred to a professional psychologist and psychiatrist to be evaluated on whether or not I need medication for the colder months or throughout the year to balance me out.  I would also learn coping mechanisms for keeping me afloat. They mentioned stress which I have heard before, but never realized how much mental stress can affect the physical. It would make sense though. I have gone through m

Cherry Blossom Festival/Washington DC Trip

It has been a full week and much has happened. I can't wait to dig into writing the happenings of this month, but first I wanted to get to our Washington trip! I finally got to sit down for a few days and edit photos this week and have been experimenting, along with trial and error, resizing photos for best quality during upload while still being able to collage. Sometimes I lose quality when I collage. (Would love some feedback on everything photos!)   It's frustrating, but I think once I have a good system down and added to my format layouts for my blog, it will come easier each time. Sometimes you just have to put in the hard work to get the results. At first I wasn't going to do my traditional framing on them, but as I was going through them, groups began to form in my head and the organizer in me just couldn't bear to not have them all cutely grouped together into a collage/gallery. (It's utterly hopeless). Anyway, I think I got them to where I want them and
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"Beat it! Beat it! I'm Not Going To Be Defeated!" :D

I'm cranking these out this week! When the inspiration is there, go with it I tell myself. :D I am sooo proud of myself. Yesterday I woke up feeling unproductive and down like usual, but  I chose to do something different. I made myself get up and take a shower. Made myself go into the kitchen and eat breakfast. Made myself wash all the dishes and straighten up the kitchen. Made myself clean the living room and dining area from my niece being here and Jason being home, and made myself get outside once the gloominess cleared up! At first I was just going to take a short walk down the street and stay in my neighborhood, but while cleaning I was reminded of my tax check and another check from a blog design job that I needed to take to the bank. The bank is about 2 miles away or so. Not bad. I dawned on my purple half strap backpack, some water, some books just in case I needed to sit and rest somewhere and walked all the way to the bank! I was feeling pretty good once I got th
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Books, Authors, Doctors, and Commissary Conundrums

What a day! This morning a new friend in the military who I am getting to know picked me up to take me to a local church for an author speaking event. The book was one she came across and shared with me written by a wife and mom in the military named Carrie Daws. I connected so much with the author!  We had so much in common. From both of us having taken the Christian Writer's Guild writing program (she is the first I have ever met in my life who mentioned taking this! She was surprised to hear that I knew what it was!) AND has a daughter who struggles with weight, diet, exercise, etc because of how naturally petite she is.  She also has become a writer because of life circumstances and is an info junkie! Always reading something and absorbing information like a sponge. We are so alike! In so many ways I knew I was meant to be there to meet this woman. I got a chance to talk with her. She is so down to earth, homeschool mom, and EXPERIENCED with an incredible testimony. She had
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To Be A Kid Again

It's so weird waking up this morning and not hearing a little knock on our bedroom door waking us up from sweet slumber at earlier hours than I'm used to. It's soooo quiet. No little girl asking questions, dancing, doing cartwheels and split combinations like 100 times a day.  No one to prepare an extra meal and snacks for. No one begging to be taken outside to the playground area next door. No more screaming every time a bee flies outside even if there's a screen between us. :P No more me having to insist homework be done every morning before play because once she starts playing it's over haha. AND no Hello Kitty and barbie houses constructed on my living room floor with blankets and play furniture.  We took her back home yesterday after church. It was bittersweet. Then spent some time with family afterwards till traffic cleared. We enjoyed the time we had with her and as I look through my phone and pull off pictures of our adventures, I came across some gems I