When Your Ceiling Leaks, Make A Friend!

6:21 PM

Oh I do hope you all are enjoying the cooler temperatures before we get blasted with summer heat waves! I have been opening windows, curtains, blinds, and soaking in the sun. Today it's been much warmer. Spring and Summer are my favorite months. ♥︎ -- I discovered character thingies! Forgive me if I develop a little obsession streak with cute black hearts. :D

Quick update. My tests came back golden. They redid my kidney test, but I haven't heard anything which I'm assuming is good news. Next part on the journey to tracking down my depression and anxiety is counseling. I have been referred to a professional psychologist and psychiatrist to be evaluated on whether or not I need medication for the colder months or throughout the year to balance me out. 

I would also learn coping mechanisms for keeping me afloat. They mentioned stress which I have heard before, but never realized how much mental stress can affect the physical. It would make sense though. I have gone through many changes in such a short period of time. All that constant change starts to take its toll. I do have to say though the anxiety has decreased considerably since receiving the reports of good physical health!

Along with doctor appointments, I have been using an app called "MyFitnessPal" to track my daily calories and make sure I'm eating enough to maintain my weight and even increase it. For three weeks now I have been doing very well. I'll have occasional days where things go downhill, but I'm doing my best to not let it discourage me from the progress. Today has been one of those kinks in the plan...

I did not sleep well last night. I made the mistake of drinking a lingering pepsi (wanted to get rid of it) too late in the day which kicked a strong dose of caffeine in my system, keeping me awake till like 3am. I woke up around 9:30 and have not been able to go back to sleep or nap. I stayed productive and worked on some blog designing for a friend till eventually I dozed. I'm pretty out of it today as a result. I figured I'd get some writing in and work on catching up with posts since I don't have energy to do much else. It did mess up my eating schedule today. Whenever I'm exhausted, my appetite goes... 

Speaking of getting rest...

Friday at 6:20, that is AM, of last week we awoke to quite the startle! 

THIS happened:


That bulbish looking thing in the ceiling had grown to the size of a golf ball and was dripping rapidly, pooling on the kitchen floor.


Though this was a headache to deal with and still isn't fixed, God always has unexpected blessings and reasons in mind. I called the landlord and the real estate agent, which lead me to calling the handyman, and going upstairs to our neighbor's apartment to see if something had happened. A sweet lady answered the door looking confused, shocked, and sleepy. I felt so bad! But I told her what happened. 

We began to make phone calls while investigating the source and turning off the water. After Jason left for work, we waited around for the handyman to arrive and to be called back. Once the handyman arrived, he assessed the situation. Apparently my neighbor had a refrigerator replaced and installed the day before. It was not installed properly which caused a leak on her floor and down the shafts into my ceiling. 

As the handyman began cutting into the ceiling, water poured out while drywall chunks fell all over the counter and floor. Even the towels weren't catching it all and so I was left with a jacked up kitchen covered in drywall dust. The handyman got as much of it up as he could, but I still had to mop the floor and ended up scrubbing my entire kitchen including the cabinets, counters, stove, sink. You name it. That's one way to get me motivated! Haha!

Before I could even think of having the energy for all this, I had to have breakfast. While deliberating on what to do and waiting on phone calls, we took advantage of the situation to get acquainted. She invited me over to have breakfast and much needed coffee with her. She has the most adorable mugs! She made some eggs and I brought up some bread for toast.

It was a lovely morning chatting and realizing we have a lot in common! One thing lead to another. Soon we were swapping stories of our weddings, photos, and sharing insight into our unique skills! Turns out she's really good at cooking healthy and meal planning. My ongoing learning of the skills for grocery shopping and budgeting is a contribution I can make to this new friendship too! All things we both were trying to figure out!

Happiness is...

She has a new kitten. For those who know me I suffer from 
kitty fever and lately with Jason working longer hours I've been craving some kitty snuggles. 
She told me I'm welcome to come over and love on her kitty whenever I'm feeling lonely. ♥︎ 
(There it is again! ^_^) 

Happiness is...

She loves Jesus! 
She's a committed Christian which I have been praying for. 
A positive influential Christian friend to spend time with who is nearby.
She won't be here much longer, but this whole experience has taught me a lesson. 
No matter where I go, I need to make more effort in meeting my neighbors. 

She's been here since January right when we moved in too. 
It's been like three months and we never knew the other existed! 
So from here on out I am determined and purposing to meet my neighbors. 
To find out who is around me and pray always for a friend because
God does care about the little things and the desires of our hearts.

He's so good. :)

A couple days later I attempted to walk to General Dollar to catch a sale and because I needed to stretch my legs. Get some exercise. I came back with two mega packs of toiletries and dish soap. The combination of coupons and General Dollar is tempting...I saved a lot!

I'm sure I looked like what I did at the Commissary, but this time outside in public! Hobbling my way home with this awkward package on one arm. It was a workout and I was pleased I could even do it! I love my new green Aldi bag for groceries too! Don't know what I would have done without it. :)
When I got back and cooled off, we got together for a little bit over some tea and I showed her how to do some budgeting with the excel sheets I've been using and made. Shoutout to the Flaughs for getting me started with this before my wedding and sending me the budget sheet that has now grown into a whole expense and savings program! :)

I'm looking forward to getting to know her better and kitty cuddles over the next couple months before she has to leave. Motivation can be so hard, but when you have someone to hang out with and a reason to get going...
Happiness just is. 
Jason's contribution to this post :P 



Rebekah Samuel

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  1. Hurray for new friends! Especially Jesus-loving ones!
    Sending prayers...for everything!

  2. Thank you Angie! Excited to have you as a subscriber! :)

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