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Braving the Transitions

Have no idea who the author of that quote is, but I loved the word serendipitous! A vocab King or Queen right there! :D Summer weather has been here! It's been hot, abit muggy, and like 86% humidity! I thought it would beat Ky, but honestly it doesn't feel as bad! We still have a few months though for it to get worse so I'm not saying too much yet! Our schedule has been topsy turvy in the last two weeks. Jason started training school and the long hours have begun. It's been a challenge figuring out when to start dinner, adjusting to new grocery habits and purchases, always being available as much as possible to tend to whatever needs he has and buy the endless supplies they need.  In the first week there's tons of paperwork and initial preparation. I attended the spouse orientation class and came home with two full bags of stuff! I have been meeting the wives in similar position to me and on Friday met with four of them in one day! All that information was clea
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A Colorful Update :)

This week has been a challenge. Jason started TBS which means our sleep schedule, eating schedule, and my day and night schedule is all wonky! In trying to keep my mind occupied now that TBS has started, I have turned to this house. Since he's away long hours I have some time to focus on getting my house in order.  I have been desperately wanting to decorate this house before we have to move and get it done in a timely manner so I can enjoy it! I find when my environment is peaceful, I become peaceful too. Same thing with energy! I need energy! I've been learning that bright bold colors give me instant happiness and energy. I've started first on our guest bathroom.  Some friends and I recently went to IKEA (my first time eva!) and picked up the brightest YELLOW  towels I could find. I don't know why, but yellow has been instantly making me feel so happy and giddy inside! I am learning to go with what instantly makes me feel happy even if it's weird to someone else
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