Braving the Transitions

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Have no idea who the author of that quote is, but I loved the word serendipitous! A vocab King or Queen right there! :D

Summer weather has been here! It's been hot, abit muggy, and like 86% humidity! I thought it would beat Ky, but honestly it doesn't feel as bad! We still have a few months though for it to get worse so I'm not saying too much yet!

Our schedule has been topsy turvy in the last two weeks. Jason started training school and the long hours have begun. It's been a challenge figuring out when to start dinner, adjusting to new grocery habits and purchases, always being available as much as possible to tend to whatever needs he has and buy the endless supplies they need. 

In the first week there's tons of paperwork and initial preparation. I attended the spouse orientation class and came home with two full bags of stuff! I have been meeting the wives in similar position to me and on Friday met with four of them in one day! All that information was clearly overwhelming to us all and so we spent the day texting each other, running errands together, and I even had one come to my house so we could sort through all the pamphlets, sheets, and information from the orientation! 

Thankfully we got it all organized and learned more about each other in the process. The orientation was informative. We had a chance to speak to our husband's "leaders"over lunch and ask many questions. Their wives are like wonder women! Knowing I may be in that position one day is both thrilling and intimidating! They know so much. We got plugged into facebook groups to help stay in touch which has been wonderful.

Our first weekend after the start of school was sleep catch up. Every morning last week I was waking up at insane early morning hours. Once I woke up, it was over for me. I think I ran mostly on adrenaline. We both CRASHED Saturday. He slept in half a day which is what he needed. We had a restful weekend in preparation for the next one which has been long days of not seeing my husband's face and very late dinners with like an hour before bed. 

It'll take some getting used to. I am making friends and maintaining the ones I've made so that is good. :) I also found a church nearby through another friend here that does women's Bible studies so I have been attending those too. :) We are doing a series on marriage right now. How appropriate! 

Before all this craziness we had a chance to spend some hang out time with some of Jason's friends who had already gone through the schooling and were getting ready to leave. Learned a lot about things later down the road and how to prepare better. We grilled some hamburgers and pot lucked a picnic under some trees. It's a beautiful park with a lake. They have paddle boating too and canoes. I want to check into that...I had posted pictures from the park in my last Reflections/Devotionals post: Security By His Own Hands.

I've also made a new friend who dropped into our church one Sunday. We took a long walk into a park (Park pictures in that post.) neighborhood, and there's a boat dock harbor! It's the neatest thing! I'll have to go again and take some pictures.

We've gone on a few shopping trips together too. It's always much nicer shopping with friends. :) In fact I've been doing a lot of that since there's been so many errands needing run this week. So nice to have a car! Jason made a buddy at the school and so now has rides!

This new friend picked me up last week and gave me a tour of the area on our way to the gym! At the gym, I jumped on a treadmill and ran 2 miles. That may not seem like much but for not having done cardio like this in FOREVER I say it's an accomplishment!

Some things I have learned about myself with working out.

  • Public gyms creep me out a little.
  • Floor exercises in public gyms make me instantly embarrassed! I mean...who wants to see my out of shape legs, arms, and muscles jiggling and flailing about? I mean REALLY!!! Anyone with me? :D
  • Muscle jacked men and women lifting 50-100 pound barbells intimidate the daylights out of me!
  • It's VERY possible to run endlessly for like 30/40 minutes without stopping. WHOA!! (Observations. Not me!)
  •  The treadmills have a jack where you can plug your phone in and listen to your music while you run! Cool! Ultimate distraction from the pain...
  • I've now experienced being in a locker room for the first time in my life. Isn't that where people get athlete's foot? >_< #sheltered
  • The mirrors in gyms can be awkward...
  • Having a friend work out with you is so much better than being alone.
  • I have no clue what I'm doing.
  • I think I'll just develop a nice little work out routine at home...
Haha, really though it's not that bad. I think just takes some getting used to.

After the gym, we went to Goodwill. The Goodwill here isn't the nicest one. It's overpriced and the stuff isn't that nice. I've learned that Goodwills are very much regional and do different things with their price systems and policies. We even had a Goodwill rewards card at one of them in PA! I asked here if they had one and they looked at me like I had two heads! Haha! 

I was looking specifically for some maxi style summer dresses. I'm ADDICTED. I had one that I saved for our honeymoon that we never got to take and I realized when I got home from an errands run (was feeling summery that day), it was a major win with the other half. ;) I didn't find any that I was crazy about so I'll continue my search.

As if I didn't have enough exercise on the treadmill, I ended up walking home (maybe a mile?) from Goodwill cause I wanted to stay out a little longer while she took her daughter to get some food. Oh the joys of 2 yr olds! :D

While I'm sort of complaining :P, I might as well add....

I've been running errands all week. I've been interacting with employees of establishments, because of course now that it's warm I SEE PEOPLE. "HELLOOOO SUMMAAA!!" Unfortunately, the customer service here is AWFUL. Lots of unhappy looking people working jobs they don't seem to care two hoots about. It's a darn shame. I try to smile and greet them nicely. I

t's just odd when you smile and chipperly (making up a word!) go up to them asking where something is or even just saying hello and are met with a blank stare of absolute boredom or disgust. Who ate your fruity puffs this morning???

Drivers are similar here. No one seems to know what a stop sign is for or how to use them in a four way. I never knew how much courage it takes to go through a four way stop! I have learned to inch and wave and sometimes even yell out the window "Go ahead! It's your turn!" The things you do to avoid accidents...There's also the sudden switch-lanes-at-the-last-minute maneuver. 

The way to play this is switch lanes at the last minute right next to someone coming up alongside of you so you can make sure you get in front of them and make them have to slam on their brakes even if they have the right of way. Important thing though is you have to NOT use your turn signal. That makes it more fun! Geez...

There's also that awkward language barrier. ALOT of people don't speak English here. I'm guessing that has something to do with D.C.? I get a lot of giggles, laughs, and hand gestures from some employees when asking for things. If they do seem to make sense of what I'm saying, they will have me follow them till I realize we are not looking for my item any longer..we are just playing "follow the employee around the store". It's a game commonly played in these here parts. Same if I'm attempting to make conversation with the depressed looking locals. I get blank stares and confused looks...

Despite the characters here, I'm very much enjoying this time of year. I've been making smoothies and shakes with avocados, bananas, etc. So many fruits and vegetables in my diet these days and I'm not spending much more than I was because I'm being extra frugal in other areas and hitting every sale I can. I guess it's like extreme couponing without the coupons. Maybe it's called extreme "sale"ing. Hmm....haha. I also received these lovely crystal bowls from my Aunt too! Great for holding all that fruit! :)

I have noticed the high humidity weather is causing the produce to turn faster. I'm going to have to figure out some better preservation methods or start that dreaded meal planning thing soon, rather than winging it every day. I find myself rushing to eat the produce before it goes bad and then I get sick of it. Need a solution to this!

Well, I think I've written quite enough and this should keep ya'll busy and feeling full. :D I don't hear from readers that often except when I shut down my blog! Would love to know how this time of year is going for YOU. :)



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