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Old Rag Mountain: A Hiking We Will Go!

Back in the spring , Jason and I went hiking with his brother and wife on a childhood favorite hiking place: Old Rag Mountain . Before us stood a trek of 9 miles complete with switchbacks, massive boulders, steep inclines, and a waterfall half way up.  I do love the outdoors. I love the challenges of vigorous, strenuous exercise, the natural beauty, the sounds of creatures cheering you on, and the crisp aroma of spring foilage.  Perfect combinations! We left early in the morning, drove the 2 or so hour drive there,  and ascended up the mountain, stopping to take pictures and take in the view along the way. As the morning got later, it became a little more crowded.  By the time we reached the boulders and steep inclines, we had to keep moving.  There was always someone right behind us.  As soon as I thought we had reached the top being so high already,  I would look up and see that there was still quite a ways to go to reach the very top.  We stopped