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Talia and Emily

I've been missing my neighbor friend, Emily... Remember the one whose refrigerator leaked water into our ceiling at the wee hours of the morning? Yes, that is how we met. You can read that story HERE .  She and her husband finished their business here and had to sadly move on this summer. Before they left we were able to have a lady's night while the men were away one evening. We sure did have a grand time of it! Practicing our wifely culinary skills, we made a delicious alfredo casserole loaded with so many different kinds of cheeses! Mmm! It was the richest thing I think I've ever eaten. We also played with her kitten Talia, chatted about life and faith, and ended the evening watching Stardust (a movie we never finished..oh well!) while sipping some warm beverages. I miss you guys!! *sad face* As they were leaving, they needed someone to watch their kitty while they gallavanted off to the west on some wild adventures with family. Hehe.. So I became a kit

Updates and A Turtle Rescue :)

Hey there strangers! (Or maybe I'm the stranger!) It's been a long time since I've last written an Update post. The summer has been kicking my butt, but at the same time I can say I've been uber productive and it's been the busiest summer I ever can remember! I'm gradually improving and building on my skills in web design as I learn more CSS and HTML.  In hopes to make this an eventual side business by project, I've been slowly building a client base. I'm so excited to announce I've had three paid blog design jobs recently with high recommendations! *********************************************************************************** FUTURE EDIT: This is now an ongoing business called The Lady Gadget! I work with Blogger blogs now mostly! Click the picture above to go to my page! ************************************************************************************ I'm also working on a project that will connect with this. I could use YOU
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