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Dentists and Passports

I went to the dentist today to try to get my dental screening signed off for our PCS. Oh the dreaded scary place! My friend sweetly took me since I no longer have access to the car with Jason working back in defense again now that TBS is done. The verdict wasn't as bad as I thought it might be, but still not great.... Turns out I have "gingivitis".  It's not as bad as periodontal disease, but if I didn't go now I was headed that way. Ew! They had to put a numbing gel on my gums while they did a deep cleaning because they were that sensitive and I probably would have screamed. The parts that weren't as numb hurt like something I will not say because of my morals. :D I pretty much put myself through torture this morning as they poked and prodded my gum line with vibrating sharp tools and that pick thing that they use to scrape off plaque. My gums oozed red and grew inflamed with puffiness. BLAH. I still could feel some of that pain even through

Military Celebrations- Veteran's Day and Revealing the Duty Station

Hey all! I hope you guys are having a good weekend! I'm all sniffly and sneezy again with flu like symptoms thanks to being required to get the flu vaccination Monday. In fact, Monday I was faced with the choice to get a few of my required vaccination shots taken in one day and the rest in another appointment or to just get them all done at once. I chose to be brave and take the needles one after another. A total of 5 shots with a Veracella (chicken pox) vaccine that wasn't cooperating with my veins causing me to have to be stuck 8 times in total Monday. >_< My arms have been sore the last few days and it's finally subsided. Those lovely flu symptoms wasted no time in arming themselves against my immune system this week. I never had a flu vaccination before (took this up the nose) and am reminded why I always refused them...Unfortunately I don't get to refuse them this time. Before all you vaccination people start jumping on me with pamphlets and articles stat

Military Celebrations- TBS Graduation: We Are Done!

Next in this Military Celebration Series: The Marine Corps Birthday Ball   Jason's TBS Graduation Veteran's Day (Revealing Our Duty Station) A heroic pose :P We are finished with TBS! Those words hold such joy and relief when saying them out loud. The toughest grueling 6 months for both of us is finally behind us. No more super late nights (for now), no more exhausted husband coming home for dinner only to turn around and go straight to bed.  No more random out of pocket expenses for gear, books, supplies, and uniform items week to week. No more drained and hurting husband on the weekends just dying to kick off his shoes and rest the weekend away. We managed to do a few things for fun, but this was the pattern most weekends. Graduation day was another day of pouring rain and gloominess, but it didn't stop the elation of the evening's mood.  Jason's roommate from law school made the trek down from Maryland to support him and was such a

Military Celebrations-Happy 240th Birthday Marines!

Three important celebrations have come and gone one after the other this week! ⚓️ The Marine Corps Birthday Ball Jason's TBS Graduation Veteran's Day (Revealing Our Duty Station) I'll cover them in three posts so they don't get too lengthy. :) ⚓️ The Marine Corps Birthday Ball Saturday morning, anticipation filled the air. Jason and I enjoyed a nice breakfast and finished packing up hair supplies, makeup, our formal wear, and accessories for getting ready. That afternoon we drove to Jason's brother's house, dodging thick traffic headed south and down pouring rain, making it a half an hour later than scheduled. My lady friends arrived throughout the afternoon and we set to work primping, curling, straightening, pinning, and painting our faces with the new makeup techniques we had learned. It was the day of the ball! It was so nice getting ready together so we could help each other out when things were going wrong. An eyelet hook missi
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Dusting Off A Neglected Blog...

Hi.... I have a post in the making of one of my exciting touristy travels with the wives, and was going to post that first, but honestly I just need to UNLOAD and update ya'll again. Adventures over the summer   ✤ Outings with military wives.   I spent some of my summer getting to know the military wives in my husband's platoon through events, outings, parties, etc. (including my own!) I made some friends here that will be hard when we all have to leave, but it's been good to have a small handful of wives to turn to in those frustrating moments and the moments of celebration for our guys.  ✤   Babysitting!   I had a chance to watch a sassy joyful little 1 yr old almost weekly. She is one of the wive's daughters. Her mom and I have grown closer the most I would say! She was the best and so fun! She brought me joy through rough emotional days.               ✤   Blog designing.   My blog designing jobs have taken off! I've had several paying ones over the su