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I have a post in the making of one of my exciting touristy travels with the wives, and was going to post that first, but honestly I just need to UNLOAD and update ya'll again.

Adventures over the summer 

Outings with military wives. 
I spent some of my summer getting to know the military wives in my husband's platoon through events, outings, parties, etc. (including my own!) I made some friends here that will be hard when we all have to leave, but it's been good to have a small handful of wives to turn to in those frustrating moments and the moments of celebration for our guys. 

I had a chance to watch a sassy joyful little 1 yr old almost weekly. She is one of the wive's daughters. Her mom and I have grown closer the most I would say! She was the best and so fun! She brought me joy through rough emotional days.
 Blog designing. 
My blog designing jobs have taken off! I've had several paying ones over the summer and launched my very first redesign/rebrand. 

 Launching my first brand. 
I keep saying this. I have been wanting to launch my own new tech and finances branded blog this year! I have been working hard doing preliminary research on top of what I already know in how to create a brand which is part of the reason it's taken so long, but I think with my quiver full of information already, I should be able to just do it. However, some recent life changes are making it very iffy for me. I don't know if the timing is right or if it's going to be possible to keep up with it as much as I'd like with what's ahead for us. More on that later.

This is now an ongoing business called The Lady Gadget!
I work with Blogger blogs now mostly!

 A church audit. 
My church had an audit due that hadn't been done in a loooong while. When they discovered I was familiar with working with finances, I was added to the audit committee to join my friend who was conducting the audit part.

My first job was to pull together an overall budget from the previous year. The process was lengthy and involved, digging into a couple years of information to create records of last year's expenditures and income.  There was nothing kept beyond bank statements! Boy was I glad for all that business math I took in high school!

Once I was able to bring together as accurately as I could, a reflection of their finances from the previous fiscal year, I was then asked to create a budget projection for the next year. OH MY WORD. Try doing that with only a few invoices of each company to work with and not having even close to accurate income data. Again, math came quite in handy as I averaged what I could based on the trend of usage and income (tithes, offerings, etc.). amongst the seasons from the previous year. IT WAS AN EXPERIENCE.

I spent about two months gathering up information and creating spreadsheets to prepare for a voter's meeting coming up. A friend of mine thankfully understood how to create charts and bar graphs to shrink data. (Not my strong suit in school!) I learned so much as we worked together in her program to take the sea of numbers, rows, and categories and translate them into bright visual graphs and charts for the congregation to better understand at the meeting. Finally I understand how graphs work. Such a visual learner!

THE DAY OF THE MEETING CAME. I was prepared, consulted with my co-team member over the last minute details and through that meeting I presented for the first time in my life to a whole room full of people, my data and a financial budget plan that would need to be in place for them to be able to continue operating as well as bring down debt. 

JUST WOW. I was not nervous at all. I know God was with me through this entire process. That feeling of knowing you're in your element and doing what God called you to do cannot be matched. I am grateful for this opportunity and it has boosted my confidence in being able to help others in areas I may not have as my main gifting!

 Counseling and therapy. 
All summer I worked through counseling and therapy for my past. (Continue to do so). At first I was pretty open about everything, but it's been so raw and hard to process through all the emotions coming out from it. The best way I can describe it is onion layers. God has been using the counseling to dig deep into who I am and the many layers that are there to work through each one at a time. 

I've been learning more about myself and the many why's about myself. It's been good, but overwhelming and tense at times. I think one day I will have the courage and bravery again to talk about all this, but it's raw and sensitive right now. It's like I'm having to discover who Rebekah really is. It's a bizarre experience...

Training Basic School. 
We have weathered the difficulties and challenges of Jason going through TBS. He has survived three FEX's and a simulated war. He has worked so hard and I'm so proud of him. He's done now, passing all the exams and requirements necessary to graduate Monday! Eeee!!!

My handsome joyful blessing.

So what's next?

✤ The Marine Corps Ball
It's tomorrow! I've been frantically trying to prepare for it.  I've been purchasing some new hair tools as mine have retired long ago...I've also been watching several youtube videos on makeup and hair to learn this hidden art that doesn't come natural to me. (This is what I do every time there's a fancy event...) 

Thankfully some ladies have jumped in to offer their ideas and tips. Yesterday we had a lady hair and makeup get-together to work out what we wanted to do. It's very exciting and I'm a little nervous since this is my first ball!

I got my nails done today with french tips. My usual haha. I'm realizing through this whole process how out of the loop I am with the every day feminine stuff that is just "known" by women. The fashion, the makeup, the hair. It's all too complicated...

 Duty station. 
We know what it is and are waiting on finding out final logistics of PCSing. We do not want to say anything yet till everything is finalized. After that, we will be able to spill the secret beyond immediate family. :) For now, it's a waiting game for all the officialness to come through. :P

 Prep for duty station. 
There is so much to do! Oh my goodness! I feel like everything kicked into speed zone and every day I'm calling places, scheduling appointments, printing papers, filling out papers, researching information, chatting with other wives at our next duty station to gather information and know what to do. It's pretty incredible and overwhelming, but I'm managing! I got very sick over the weekend which slowed me down, but I think I should be ok by the ball. Hopefully...

There's nothing else I can think of to cover. This summer has been a blur honestly and hard to remember everything. I have pictures though linked to memories so whenever I get the chance to, I will organize all those photos and schedule posts so at least ya'll can see what we've been up to during the months of silence. :)

Thank you for being so patient with us! See you after the ball! 




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