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Stepping into 2016: What Happened?

Jason is home! YAY!! This morning we dropped off his sweet rental ride, ran some errands, and had a homemade breakfast of eggs and cheese, sausage, and toast. YUM! I missed his cookin... Even our eggs were excited we have been reunited. They surprised us with a double yoke! Today we have been chillin', catching up, and got our taxes done. Another yay! I surprised him with a new Windows 10 tablet nextbook to use in his lawyering as a sort of graduation gift. He loves it! I'm so glad to have him back. Feels like things are finally getting back to normal. All that aside, let's talk about what happened in the New Year for us. I know ya'll have been dying to know what's been going on. So here we go. Nothing  happened as we planned. The new Year started with a return back home from time spent with family in Ky for Christmas. We made a two week tour to visit friends and family before heading off to Okinawa in the spring. Coming back, everything hit the fan.
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The Whirlwind of Last Year

Hey guys.... First of all, I'm alive. I imagine myself blowing the dust off this precious blog of ours and wishing I was able to write as fluently as once before, but this last year has been the test of our lives together. The refining fire some may call it. Everything has been in the fire. My health, my faith, relationships, our marriage, our future. EVERYTHING. I stopped writing for so long because I have been wrestling with an internal battle. FEAR. After much prayer and some confirmations in my life, I'm not going to be fearful anymore about my writing. I have several posts sitting in drafts currently because just as I would hit "publish" rush of fear would come over me. What will people think of the truth? What will people think of me? What if I lose friendships and family over my reality?  The what ifs have plagued me for months. On the counter side of it I've been sensing God nudging me to share my story. Nudging me to not be afraid and that the voic