Stepping into 2016: What Happened?

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Jason is home! YAY!!

This morning we dropped off his sweet rental ride, ran some errands, and had a homemade breakfast of eggs and cheese, sausage, and toast. YUM! I missed his cookin...

Even our eggs were excited we have been reunited. They surprised us with a double yoke!

Today we have been chillin', catching up, and got our taxes done. Another yay! I surprised him with a new Windows 10 tablet nextbook to use in his lawyering as a sort of graduation gift. He loves it! I'm so glad to have him back. Feels like things are finally getting back to normal.

All that aside, let's talk about what happened in the New Year for us. I know ya'll have been dying to know what's been going on. So here we go.

Nothing  happened as we planned.

The new Year started with a return back home from time spent with family in Ky for Christmas. We made a two week tour to visit friends and family before heading off to Okinawa in the spring.

Coming back, everything hit the fan. We were getting notifications and mail piling up with one bit of bad news after the other. Passports not going through, my health paperwork not going through and not a thing we could do about any of it but WAIT.

I  filled out so much paperwork in this process for overseas screenings to find out I have to fill out more and give more information that I don't have. The constant fight of getting information needed was insane. 

I want to write a blog post in the future specifically about everything to expect for future military wives. You get told so much is going to happen and how it's going to happen, but it's ALL LIES. HAHA. I am going to have to put together a little BE PREPARED series for military wives out there so you all don't have to go through what I have been having to go through unnecessarily. I am learning it all for you future wives! Haha!

Back to my story! Everything continued to go down hill rapidly with nothing working out. After waiting for weeks to hear something we finally got news...

I was told because of the PTSD they have to review more of my medical history related to it to determine if I'm suitable to even go over to Okinawa. The reason being if they decide they don't have the care I need there for counseling, then we would be facing what I hoped to not face so early in the game. Separation. They would send him 2 years unaccompanied and I'd be here in the states. Not the ideal situation for either of us, especially with my health. 

I promptly contacted my counselor asking for records and a letter which she gave me. Although the process of getting the papers to the screeners kept getting delayed by some of the oddest things mostly technical related with little explanation even after 3 attempts. I finally went to the office to hand pick up and deliver the documents. 

In the meantime I had been meeting two of the staff members. God provided a very sweet and kind staff member who walked us through this process. She told me every time: "Keep praying. If it's meant to be you will be there, if it's not, God will have the best reasons. We can trust Him." 

I had been stuck at the clinic for several hours waiting on paperwork and news and to fill out more paperwork when God blessed me with some inspiring praise in their offices even though it was a disastrous day for everyone there. It calmed my nerves and helped me get through with a smile. I loved visiting this staff member when I was at the clinic because her presence and her conversation was such a blessing amidst the chaos.

A few days after delivering the papers I got a call being told I was denied by the Okinawa medical base. There were mentions of bipolar and other mental illness concerns which surprised me greatly because I never had that diagnosis. We prayed and after some misunderstandings being cleared up, I got my answer.

I sat in the office with the screener and she walked me through my paperwork. She explained to me that the doctors and the counselor had in fact diagnosed me with not just PTSD, but chronic PTSD which is longer term and something that doesn't just go away. 

Also Okinawa doesn't believe in mental illnesses so they lump PTSD and bipolar together as one since they do mimic each other in ways. This broke my heart and was devastating to receive this news. What this means is that even with a second appeal the chronic PTSD will follow me in the military lifestyle everywhere I go (unless God chooses to heal me) and I have to have bi weekly counseling for as long as needed because it's not just something I can get over. 

It's not curable they have said, but it is treatable. So I was advised against a second appeal because it would only prolong the inevitable. Okinawa, Japan simply does not have the counseling needs I require. :(

Jason and I prayed while he sought reassignment. A few weeks or so later, but within a month of our leaving date, his request was responded to quicker than is usual and we were given favor. 
We have a new destination:
That's right! The location in the middle of the desert sand, with balmy weather most of the year, winters and nights cold or freezing, and 120 degree summers (at least in 2-3 months of it). The land of camel spiders, sun spiders, tarantula looking spiders, scorpions, and rattlesnakes! Also about 2-3 hours from all the known parts of Cali. Talk about a test of faith and resilience!

Though it's very disappointing and heartbreaking that we couldn't enjoy the adventure of Okinawa together, being together wins all. And who knows what the desert holds for us! I've already caught some wind that they are in need of a computer repair person there as the closest one in the area closed up recently. My plan is to work on launching "The Lady Gadget" so this very well might be the place to do it!

In preparation, while Jason has been gone for the ten weeks, I've been doing the physical work to get ready for our move. 

So so much to think about and do. The big one is getting our car ready because we have decided to drive it cross country. 

We are going to stop in several states and stay with some friends. I will be meeting new people I've been online friends with for awhile so that is very exciting!

My PTSD was at first making me very anxious about such a long trip, but with some patience on the part of Jason and over some time to mentally prepare I'm now looking forward to it.

As for the tasks needing done, the best I have been able to do is take them day by day and work on self care in between so I don't wear myself out.  Monday night finished and ready for the long trip. Praise God for providing there too!

I have been doing some appropriate shoe shopping too in preparation for the heat. :D

Paperwork, mail forwarding, scheduling, trip planning, moving planning, searching for housing, researching the area, decluttering, deep cleaning the condo, eating down our food, and using up products we can't take with us. 

Whew! It's alot of work! I'm glad to have the busyness though to help time go faster while Jason has been gone.

Our official move date is going to be next week. We'll stuff the car and hit the road. Stop and see some family and friends along the way and then stay in temporary lodging, temporary housing, and while there figure out our permanent housing situation. Calls for much Semper Gumby!

When we get settled into our new temporary place, I plan on catching up with some blog posts as the internet will permit, and getting back on track. I have so many photos from events of the year that we did including Jason's time in Rhode Island. :D

So stay tuned for more! Glad to finally get this news out there with some freedom! :)



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