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PCS East to the West: Lots to See in Tennessee Part 1

This week has been AMAZING! I can't wait till I can dig deep and share the details of what's been happening in my and Jason's life (future posts) since we moved into our second temporary home. Just too much to capture in a few lines when it's a pretty big deal! Lately, I've been running errands/exploring early in the morning and dropping Jason off to work on some days of the week where I need the car. This night owl is slowly but surely turning into a morning glory haha. The circumstances pretty much call for it. My typical nights have been going to bed around 9:30 or 10pm Eastern time unless there's an event that runs later. I wake up at 6, 6:30, and finally giving up the ruse that it's just gonna happen whether I like it or not, springing to life at 7am. Funny thing is I get very grumpy if I wake up too late when I've gone to bed earlier haha. JASON is the early annoyingly joyful riser. :D ANYWAY diverging from that tangent... I hope you all e

PCS East to the West: Goodbyes and Moving Day

Hey guys! Here, I sit in our little Inn which has been our home since Saturday. I'm a little more clear headed from our long cross country move and editing literally thousands of photos I took on our trip, deleting all the ones that didn't turn out. It's true that if you want good pictures you have to take 10 and keep 1 or 2 because often only 1 or 2 will be the best out of ten. :)  I also have been needing to give my wrists a break from typing. Lately I've been developing an ache in my wrists. *gasp* A friend on this road trip gave me the idea to prop up my wrists and hands with a folded towel so that is what I'm doing now. It gives some relief, but I wanted to rest it up to help prevent carpal tunnel which is what I think might be trying to form. I type so much and so fast, that I can see why it would develop...Eventually I may have to break down and buy a brace to wear till it can heal up. If you have any strategies or ideas for healing my wrist please let me k
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