PCS East to the West: Goodbyes and Moving Day

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Hey guys!

Here, I sit in our little Inn which has been our home since Saturday. I'm a little more clear headed from our long cross country move and editing literally thousands of photos I took on our trip, deleting all the ones that didn't turn out. It's true that if you want good pictures you have to take 10 and keep 1 or 2 because often only 1 or 2 will be the best out of ten. :) 

I also have been needing to give my wrists a break from typing. Lately I've been developing an ache in my wrists. *gasp* A friend on this road trip gave me the idea to prop up my wrists and hands with a folded towel so that is what I'm doing now. It gives some relief, but I wanted to rest it up to help prevent carpal tunnel which is what I think might be trying to form. I type so much and so fast, that I can see why it would develop...Eventually I may have to break down and buy a brace to wear till it can heal up. If you have any strategies or ideas for healing my wrist please let me know! 

It's hard to believe that 15 days ago we left VA and took off to begin our "honeymoon" trip and PCS move cross country. If you all recall in earlier posts, back when we got married, we never got to take a honeymoon because Jason's truck broke down on the way to PA. 

We had been talking about how to make it up throughout the year and this was the perfect opportunity! I have to say it was a blast and we witnessed so many new things I've only seen in pictures and movies. I can't wait to share them with you in this series. :)

After Jason returned from Rhode Island, we had a few days to unwind and prepare our last minute parts of the moving process including finishing up food in the freezer and fridge. 

Finding people to take our food wasn't as difficult as I thought it might be. We were able to pass along everything we had left from the mover's! 

Somewhere in there a homemade apple pie was made by the domestic man of the house. Ain't he cute?? (insert heart eyes emoticon here.)

Having got the pie making out of the way (because you just can't PCS Jason without pie. :P), packing for 9 days cross country with several temperature changes and climates was a challenge! I found myself packing and unpacking a few times before settling on what to bring. Probably brought TOO much but you gotta be prepared right??

We also squeezed in upholstery cleaning for our couch and chair before they'd pack it all up and stick it in storage. I'm thinking of maybe doing DIY pinterest project with it when I can connect with some talented ladies here who do this stuff daily.

Somehow we had a little time to take a trip down south to meet our nephew for the first time and say goodbye to family.
I was sleep deprived and worn out, but it was a nice time of relaxing and enjoying the snuggles of a little adorable newborn. 

It was *heartmelting* watching Jason holding his nephew. This kid is a joy to hold and spend time with. Behold the many funny facial expressions of our nephew:

One of the hardest goodbyes was saying goodbye to our church family. God truly blessed our moving time to be around Easter. We were able to spend our last Easter services together with people we have grown to love. Moving around alot, we end up saying goodbye to groups of people we grow close to and yes I did cry when it all hit me.
Our pastor and his wife have been a blessing to us and we have made several friends there.

It was unexpected but we were invited by our neighbors (also fellow church members) to come over for Easter dinner! We met their family and it was a delight! Such interesting people with interesting stories. This particular couple we also grew close to. 

They very much are like grandparents to us and have been there for us through our time in VA. I miss them already! Unfortunately we didn't a good group picture with them, but I stole this little gem during one of my visits over there while Jason was gone and I absolutely adore it.

Oh yes and Jason had been clamoring in the most irresistible way throughout this year with frequent reminders, about his expectations for an "Eestah baskit". So being the good and faithful and loving wife I am, he was presented with one in the best way I could with our current moving circumstances and boy was he OVERJOYED.

How can you resist not spoiling that face??

After the visiting, we almost didn't finish our packing when moving day came! It was QUITE the experience. About 6 or 7 people came into our home asked for a tour of what was to go and stay, and before we knew it they were hauling in large quantities of stacked papers, large rolls of blue foam padding material, and many many boxes. 

It was amazing watching them pack everything up lickety split and strap a strap the boxes to themselves and carry three high on their backs that way without dropping a single box. That my friends is TALENT.

They had our stuff packed in about 3 and a half hours! Fastest packing job I've ever seen. There were things they had to leave behind which we either gave away or stuffed in our car. :P

After they left we took the next two days scrubbing and cleaning the whole place from top to bottom. We had a wonderful landlord who helped me through alot as I was experiencing things in the military for the first time and it was my way of wanting to be a blessing to her and thanking her for everything she did for us. It also helped us get more of our deposit back as a bonus. :)

Groups of friends stopped by to say their farewells and hang with us a little bit. I unfortunately didn't get pictures with all of them because I was half covered in chemicals and honestly didn't think of it, but am kicking myself for not thinking of it!

We did snag a couple though with Jason's old roommate and his girlfriend. :) We fellowshipped with ginger cookies and gummy bears of course, finishing the evening with a couple worship songs to his guitar and a time of prayer. Sweet sweet times.

Remember way back when I was babysitting that cute baby over last summer? Turns out those friends from TBS will be moving out here with us in a month! They stopped by too which was great to get to visit with them before we left. Looking forward to seeing them again very soon! Another unexpected blessing!

As for meals we had no furniture at this point but made the most of it. Our dinners get creative when we have no furniture!!

Once everything was ready for us to leave, Jason performed brilliant miracles packing the leftover stuff we had in our car. I knew he was a master packer. :D And yes we packed our cleaning supplies and some food because frankly I don't want to have to rebuy all that stuff!

After meeting my landlord for the first time (she stopped by and surprised us! Kicking myself for not getting a picture despite my disheveledness), we took off for an unknown adventure with our hearts full and our hopes and dreams high.

As I write this and work through my pictures and this post, I am feeling nostalgic and fighting back some tears. We had so many good memories in Virginia and I'm going to miss the people we left behind. Of course there's facebook and email, and phone numbers that keep us in touch, but it's just an odd feeling when you leave a place that is "home" and realize you're not on a long vacation. You aren't going back. 

We both are feeling that way and today has been particularly hard for me. Writing this series is both a joyful testament to where the Lord is taking us, but also a bittersweet reminder that these stages in life are temporary and as time moves on we are all getting a little older each year that goes by. 

We are meeting new people, starting new journeys and adventures, and doing our best to adjust to whatever God sends our way while always leaving something else behind. Not meaning to go deep there, but I think it's hitting me more today than it has recently.


Recap of state 1 of our cross country tour is around the corner, but for now:

"Goodbye, beautiful Virginia home, 
our church family, 
and the friendships we made. 
We will miss you."



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