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PCS East to West: Lots to See in Tennessee Part 2

I am determined for today to be productive. I spent this last week editing my photos for the next leg of our Tennessee excursions. I tell you what! It's not the writing that is the most difficult part. The prep, editing, and preparing usually takes so much longer than the actual blog post! Crazy huh? It's so worth it though!  I love being able to keep friends and family abreast on what's going on in our lives and sharing vacations and adventures with you all in this way is just a beautiful way of doing it I think. I have noticed my engagement and traffic has increased probably from more people being exposed to my blog as of late. Maybe even some of my clients for The Lady Gadget! So a big WELCOME if you've been following! I may not be the best grammatical writer or writer in general. Lord knows not the best photographer haha! I may not have the most captivating visually creative blog when it comes to my own writing. In working with other blogs, I've been bl
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