PCS East to West: Lots to See in Tennessee Part 2

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I am determined for today to be productive. I spent this last week editing my photos for the next leg of our Tennessee excursions. I tell you what! It's not the writing that is the most difficult part. The prep, editing, and preparing usually takes so much longer than the actual blog post! Crazy huh? It's so worth it though! 

I love being able to keep friends and family abreast on what's going on in our lives and sharing vacations and adventures with you all in this way is just a beautiful way of doing it I think. I have noticed my engagement and traffic has increased probably from more people being exposed to my blog as of late. Maybe even some of my clients for The Lady Gadget! So a big WELCOME if you've been following!

I may not be the best grammatical writer or writer in general. Lord knows not the best photographer haha! I may not have the most captivating visually creative blog when it comes to my own writing. In working with other blogs, I've been blown away at the visual appeal and creativity that go into them.
I have to say though I have a soft spot in my heart for this little cranny of ours in the web. :) I hope it's the same for you!

So let's get back to Tennessee shall we?

If you're just tuning in and new to my blog, I have written the first part of the TN section of our cross country PCS (military term for Permanent Change of Station) series: HERE 

If you're hopelessly lost and need more context, you can go to my first post HERE to see what the heck these two love birds are up to in this series! :D 
Nuff rambling!
Gettin' on it with it!

After my Great Aunt and Uncle and us (whew beginnings of a tongue twister there!) ate our lively  lunch at the Rainforest Cafe, they surprised us by taking us to the OpryLand Hotel!

We had this on our hopeful list of places to visit while in TN, but had no idea what it all entailed! I'm so glad we had some experienced tour guides to take us through it! I have several gorgeous photos in this post and I couldn't quite figure out how many would be too many...I might have gone overboard, but hey! This is way less than I actually took! :P

Our first stop in the Opry was to figure out which way we wanted to go so we hung around the lobby exploring that first. I adore this picture I captured of my Uncle and Jason so distracted by technology with all this architecture surrounding them. I think they were talking sports or something important like that. :P I love it even more how "in the times" my Uncle is, holding an iphone 6. :D An uncle after my own heart. *sigh*

We were introduced to this inspiring colorful piece of art which is created by a well known artist. I've never heard of them, but I couldn't stop staring at this thing while going through my pictures. Like HOW??? The ceiling was just as impressive. I have a thing with mosaic ceilings if you haven't noticed from earlier posts. Hehe...
You can't have an OpryLand Hotel without a fancy staircase!

This next section called "The Falls" was RELAXING.

Ok it was in SOME parts. It is where everyone's hotel balconies look over endless vegetation, plants, and flowers. This is also where the tourists hustle and bustle all over. It's not exactly quiet. I've never been in a hotel that has vaulted glass ceilings with the inside looking like it's outside, but really is a gigantic greenhouse! Fascinating!

There will little fountains all over in this area I think called jumping water fountains. Can you tell why? :) 
Here is a bigger scale of a jumping water fountain. This sat right next to a restaurant where you could sit, eat, and watch the fountain's "show" as the sun was setting. It had multiple patterns programmed in it and as it got darker, they turned on colorful lights underneath it. 
Unfortunately we didn't have time to see it at this time, but I managed to put a semi okay animation 
 together giving you a taste of what it was like! :) Probably could have taken a real video 
but I wanted to save space on my phone camera.
See this transparent glass elevator? Pretty cool right?? 
This thing was decently high up and yes I was brave and got inside it. 
I looked down too and came out ALIVE!!


Now we come to one of my favorite places! I thought parts of these resembled Paris or Italy. I have never been to either so you can tell me if I'm off or not! It also had a feel of New Orleans which is what parts of it are modeled after. If I could have my house full of these colors and architecture, I'd be in interior design heaven! 
Now here I present you with the ballroom part of the Opry. 
This space is way bigger than it may look. Full of mirrors and murals beautifully painted depicting different times of history in TN with plaques. 
Each door leads to a conference room or ball room area. 
Can you imagine having a wedding here or some other fancy event? *swoons*
There's still abit more than I'm holding back for one last specially dedicated post. 
I figure this is enough photos and I don't want it so long that I overwhelm ya'll!

I will leave you all with one last picture...
You can't really have Nashville without some musically talented and trained, 
decked out horses serenading you with some country music on a freshly 
painted black bench in front of the perfect teal colored door. :P
Even though this place was almost magical like, the memory that sticks out the most to me was the time we had to spend with my Aunt and Uncle. Having not seen them in so many years and remembering seeing them occasionally at family functions, it was such a blessing to walk around this place with them and have catch up conversations. To get to know them better and see the many resemblances even I have to them.

They remind me so much of my Grandparents who we lost when I was a young teenager. It was like having them back again. It makes me feel all mushy inside thinking back at introducing Jason to them for the first time as a married adult, watching them love on him and enjoy him. I couldn't have asked for anything more. ❤︎❤︎❤︎



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