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Where 28 Finds Me

Hey guys! I was going to write a facebook post, but the wise husband saw my post getting quite lengthy and suggested I make a blog post instead. Smart man. :D Yesterday was my birthday. It started out a little rough waking up at 6am from repeated dings from my phone. All were text messages wishing me a happy birthday from my East Coast friends! Just gave me an extra early start to my day and I'm grateful I have friends who will wake me up at 6am one day out of the year!! :P I put on one of my favorite blue dresses that I bought from a ROSS last year and slipped on some jewelry paired with some brown leather sandals that I hadn't worn in awhile but matched the gold jewelry well! Finished up with some makeup and curling of my hair. I was so pleased with putting myself together so well and so quickly!  Then DISASTER struck. Of course it did. SOMETHING had to happen on this most special day haha. Getting out of the car and heading towards the building for a board meeting, I no