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Extending the Birthday to L.A.

A weekend in September as an extended birthday trip, we finally managed to make a visit to L.A. My social and travel anxiety was running high knowing I'd be surrounded by a ton of strangers, but I decided to not cancel this trip as I've done in the past and at least try to face my fears. I had some complications and symptoms show up from my anxiety, but pushed through best I could. We stayed with some friends of ours who were gracious enough to open their home to us and share some meals! Saturday we toured abit of the famous star studded sidewalk which I believe they call the Hollywood Boardwalk? I captured some pictures but there were so many people there and it was so sunny causing shadow casting, that it proved challenging to really get a good look at the ground and find all the stars I would have liked to find. I did catch a few though. Los Angeles Top left to right: Billy Graham, Amy Grant, William Shatner (trekky! Yeah!), Godzilla (Jason got a kick out of that