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Las Vegas Part 2: 241st Marine Corps Birthday Ball

Aaaand I'm back for Vegas part 2! This is the second post in my Vegas series. First post can be found here: Las Vegas Part I: Exploring the City. Let's get to the real reason we were visiting Vegas! The Marine Corps birthday ball that is held every year. We got ready with some friends from 29 which was a blast. Ladies getting ready together is a great idea in case something goes wrong like HAIR. I'm amazed though that I managed to curl my own hair and do my own makeup this year without any trouble or fuss! It went almost too smoothly and shocked me! Of course it took no time for Jason and the guys to get ready. That's never an issue. :P At the ball they did a repeat of the Birthday Pageant that I posted about here:  Happy 241st Birthday Marine Corps! . I wanted to take pictures of this event since everything was right up close to us, but the lighting in there wasn't that great.  It was neat how each of the Marines walked down the middle of the ballroom wearing
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Las Vegas Part I: Exploring the City

"It's Vegas, baby." That's how Jason answered most of my incessant questions about what I was hearing, seeing, experiencing. Sometimes there are no other words than that, especially in Vegas. Friday morning we left 29 headed to this year's Marine Corps ball location and for a weekend getaway. Upon entering the city a heaviness came over me. For those who know me I have always been very spiritually in tune with what is happening in the spirit realms. This place was full of darkness and I felt an oppression I usually feel when things not of God are present.  It took a little bit of time for me to get adjusted to the new environment and not feel so depressed, oppressed, and sad for the city. Driving in, the architecture caught my eye. It is an artistic city with historical places being replicated in the building designs. I apologize for photo quality. Some of these were taken through the window. A window splattered with lovely 29 Palms sand. 😬 Once adjusting w