Las Vegas Part I: Exploring the City

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"It's Vegas, baby." That's how Jason answered most of my incessant questions about what I was hearing, seeing, experiencing. Sometimes there are no other words than that, especially in Vegas.

Friday morning we left 29 headed to this year's Marine Corps ball location and for a weekend getaway. Upon entering the city a heaviness came over me. For those who know me I have always been very spiritually in tune with what is happening in the spirit realms. This place was full of darkness and I felt an oppression I usually feel when things not of God are present. 

It took a little bit of time for me to get adjusted to the new environment and not feel so depressed, oppressed, and sad for the city.
Driving in, the architecture caught my eye. It is an artistic city with historical places being replicated in the building designs. I apologize for photo quality. Some of these were taken through the window. A window splattered with lovely 29 Palms sand. 😬
Once adjusting we did some sight seeing after parking closer to the strip. I've never been to New Orleans, but I can imagine Vegas isn't much different other than maybe the big city feel which reminded me of New York a little bit.

As we walked the strip, I could sense Jason's alerts up and sure enough I found some sense of safety while hugging my purse closely in between us and gripping tightly to his arm. A little me wouldn't be too hard to take on although I guarantee you I wouldn't make it easy for them...

While I post these pictures which unfortunately turned out gloomy and a little grainy from the shadows of tall buildings (iphone photography challenges), we are going to play a little game since Vegas is all about games!

The game is "Can you spot the photo bombers?!" If you find the photo bombers in these pics, leave a comment below this post with the picture # (seen in the caption of the photo) and the description of who you saw! :D You can leave a comment about the post too if you enjoyed my little game. :)

We walked through several restaurant buildings, malls, bars, casinos, and people desperate to double their dollars or get a thrill from the gambling experience. Slot machines everywhere, games I'd never heard of, and of course poker and blackjack. On the ball night we stood behind a table to watch the game being played. I love cards and I would have tried out some for some luck if the odds were better and thought I could maybe earn back some of what we had spent already. We watched the dealer take a good 90% of the chips at the end of rounds. Here's your warning if you ever do visit Vegas and are feeling confident and lucky! :D We watched a few people lose quite abit a cash in there...

We did meet up with some friends to do more walking and sight seeing. It was very nice seeing them. We know them from 29. :) One of the places we spent quite abit of time at was the Eiffel Tower.

Black and white selfies for the win!

This picture here is depicting a pretty unusual public morale boosting meeting for the employees of the strip. They did an adlib game and then had a dance off contest! The lady here with this giant trophy breakdanced and even did handstands! She was exceptionally good and won by audience pick. They apparently keep the trophy for 2 and a half weeks and then hold another one of these to pass it along to someone else. That's one way to keep your employees wanting to come back in that environment! It was highly entertaining.
The second picture pretty much sums up this place...

In a place that should have a large sign that reads: "Come to Vegas! Let us take your money!" and visitor cards that say "I love Vegas! Take my money!" let me tell you Vegas is NOT CHEAP. The General's wife told us that Vegas used to be very inexpensive. It was an affordable getaway, but from what we saw it has turned into a tourist heaven and a productive source of profit. Your average meal is about $25 per person for a dish in most restaurants. Popeye's where Jason ate had a 3 piece chicken meal for like $12. I ate at the Panda Express. I feel like I got more food for my $12. Yummy steak and vegetables and beef and vegetables. Couldn't decide so I got both. My fortune was extra nice to me too. :P

We had lunch with friends we met up with and they showed me some black jack strategies. It quickly made me lose all confidence in the game, but that's okay. I plan on practicing until I get really good at the strategies. We both have been really into card games recently and are learning Bridge.  I just taught Jason 500 Rummy the other day too. Card games are not just for the elderly. No sireee!!
Aaaannddd Friends!
 Little us with greenery around! 
These next shots are some of my favorites:
The Venetian:
Themed Restaurants:


The nightlife of Vegas really is where the magic happens. I wish I could have gotten better pictures at night, but with so many glaring lights it's very difficult. It's worth maybe going once to just see the town come alive and lit up. Just be careful if you do and be vigilant with your surroundings.
The Night Life
Here is one of the fountains that played to music. I have a fascination with fountains. Didn't get a chance to watch this or walk by it because there's so much to see and explore, but I got it from a distance.
I was going to try to squeeze everything into one post, but there's so much more to see and I figure I'll break up this trip into two posts, the second being about the ball! I do want to end this one with a final section. 
You may have heard the expression, "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas." Weeelll totally not going to be applied here! LOL! 

We walked probably several miles on Friday to the point where my poor boots and poor feet barely held up. I ended the day with some hard spots and blisters from not the best choice in shoes...but we spotted something that we had to see and initially thought it was closer, but discovered after already digging our heels in quite the distance, that it was much farther than it looked. I sucked it up though and made it happen anyway. What on earth could I be talking about? :D
Clearly it was worth walking all the miles and getting the blisters I did to finally reach it. I knew very little about Trump and his businesses before he ran and so now getting to see this in Vegas was like the highlight. What a historical opportunity! If only he was at this one! 
We stopped inside to rest from all the walking and people watch. It was very gorgeous inside.
A on the bucket list!
Somehow with determination, willpower, and the thing that happens to Marines when they have to push past pain and their breaking point to get through, I ended up walking all the way back to the car. I looked it up and it was over 7 miles total walking for the entire day. Like tons of walking ya'll in heeled boots. Bad choice...Oh well, way worth it! 

Did ya'll find the photobombers? :) Comment below!

Post 2 coming! 



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  1. The pics are so very cool. The game was fun my fave was the guy on the cell phone, the shadows on the fountian and the lady that looks like she is posing for the pic.


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