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A Valentine's Day Scavenger Hunt

Last week I got sick and then within a week made a miraculous recovery that I can only attribute to God for healing my body so quickly. Thankfully, I was able to make it to CWF which is our Chapel's Christian Women's Fellowship ministry. Instead of leading worship like I usually do, I helped run sound. When I got back home after some errands I found Jason here and ready to have lunch with me! That was a nice surprise! After he left I put together a surprise scavenger hunt for Jason for Valentine's day! Last year we were separated due to Jason being in Rhode Island so this was a very nice time for us since our last celebration of Valentine's Day from our first year of marriage. You can find that post  HERE ! We attended an evening special date night CWF which unfortunately I do not have the pictures from at this time! If I find them later I will have to make a separate post or add them here. THE GREAT VALENTINE'S SCAVENGER HUNT Pardon our "deserty",
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